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Highlights of SRM’s Annual Meet 2022

The Annual Meets are the most sought-after gatherings at SRM. All year round, seekers across the globe await the coveted opportunity to live, celebrate and rejoice in Sri Guru’s aura. And when that opportunity arrives after 3 long years, we can surely expect the eagerness to be at a different high altogether. Clad in white clothes and colourful spirits, the seekers assembled at Taj Vivanta, Dwarka, in joyous anticipation of all that was to unfold in the upcoming 4 days.

The evening of 22nd December marked the premier session, where Sri Guru put forth Her vision of SRM for 2023 and beyond. The Master discussed how Sangha, a community of right-minded people, can serve as Guru’s extended presence and echo Her message to the society at large. For this, one needs to evolve at four successive levels – Physical Well-being, Intellectual Clarity, Emotional stability and Spiritual maturity.

At all SRM events, seekers commit to discipline just as sincerely as they do to celebration. Meditation and YogaYog in the early morning hours formed an integral part of the daily schedule. Beginning with Deep Prajwalan and Dev Vandan, the seekers spent close to an hour each day sitting in a meditative atmosphere. Calming the mind’s chatter and practicing physical stillness in guidance with Sri Guru gave a much needed push to the Sadhana experience.

The afternoon session of the second day was designated to bring the Patanjali Yog Sutras to their fruitful consummation. Our hearts and minds marveled yet again to see the year-long journey of exploring the scripture, being summarised with such clarity and precision by Sri Guru. On one hand, there was admiration towards Bhagwan Patanjali for bestowing upon us such a concise but contemplative scripture. While on the other hand, there was excitement brewing within everyone to welcome Bhagwan Ram through the Yog Vashistha Maharamayana, all set to commence in 2023!

Guru’s every action carries the genuine intention of bringing clarity to a seeker’s path. Thus, on the afternoon of the third day, Sri Guru dedicated an entire session for resolving seekers’ most sincere questions pertaining to numerous concepts such as Nishkam Karma (Selfless Action), inner-contentment, significance of being Guru’s Darshan, and many more. Each solution, though concise, was complete in itself and capable of invoking both clarity and wonder among every seeker in attendance.

The evenings at Annual Meets carry a celebratory fervor as Sri Guru descends from the stage and sits among the people to enjoy Bhakti, Skit, dance performances, and many other cultural offerings by seekers. For the second day’s celebrations, SRM welcomed Ankit Batra ji, a renowned devotional singer and music composer whose soulful renditions gave words and melody to each seeker’s feelings. Amidst Sri Guru’s presence and witnessing the diversity of emotions on our faces, even Ankit Batra ji couldn’t help but agree that at SRM, Bhakti is perceived and received with a depth unlike anywhere else!

On the last evening of the Meet, our Admin head and chief motivator Gautam Prabhu hosted the much-awaited ‘Performances and Awards Night’. While the Bhakti, dance and skit performances maintained a lively ambience, the awards proceedings made the evening unforgettably beautiful for not just the awards’ recipients, but for every sadhak who present there. Listening to transformation story of each awardee re-fuelled the passion to traverse the spiritual path within everyone.

As we are approaching 2023, SRM announced several launches to fill our new year with abundant purity in the form of these spiritual assets. SRM Desk Calendar 2023, Handbags, Notebooks and the Wall Art (an artwork designed to invite prosperity and abundance), every new launch was made with SRM’s fundamental of spirituality at its essence.

Sri Guru believes that the seeds of Spirituality reap best when sown at a very young age. Rather than experiencing failures in life and then searching for success, it’s better to guide one towards the right path to success in the very first place. Keeping this in mind, SRM introduced an initiative under the name of ‘SRM Kids’ that aims at introducing spirituality to kids in the age group of 7 to 14 years. Under this initiative, relevant workshops were conducted by trained SRM sadhaks for the children who were a part of the Annual Meet.

The soulful Bhaktis by the Bhakti team embarked every session with immense Love for the higher. Then joining Sri Guru after every session in the Aarti of Maa Aadya Shakti, Veetraag Bhagwan, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Paramatma, Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji and Pratyaksh Sadguru Dev, prepared one and all to be filled with devotion while exiting the Satsang hall as well. Lastly, the Bhavo Bhav Aarti made seekers even more resolute to stay on the spiritual path and become instrumental in shaping our Sadguru’s vision, for oneself and the masses, into reality.

In the concluding session of annual meet 2022, as a short prescription before departing again into our worldly affairs and responsibilities, Sri Guru blessed the seekers with the insights of Shrimad Rajchandraji’s Vachnamrut 108. In order to prevent the seekers from getting entangled in their worldly duties, it contains 11 preachings for the betterment of self, and 20 questions for self-introspection in a very concise manner. 

Ultimately, the seekers were extremely elated to welcome not one, but two scriptures that will guide us in the upcoming year of 2023, and even further – Ram Geeta(Yog Vashishtha Maharamayana), and “Raj Geeta” (Sh. Aatmasiddhi Shastra). Under the Divine Yogbal of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji and Sri Guru’s vision that embraces the spiritual evolution of all, this divine communion of the two sacred scriptures will surely enhance the growth of every seeker in leaps and bounds, this is our firm belief..!

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  1. Had a wonderful time with Sri guru’s dharshan ,classes , meditation n yoga felt very blessed to be a part of SRM .

  2. Jai Krupadu 🙏

    Amazing Blog 🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you so much For the beautiful words I relieved the 4 days while reading the Blog🙏🙏🙏

    Thank you so much Sri Guru Ma for the Devine Retreat 🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you so much Entire Seva team for the Nishkam Seva 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Wonderful Annual retreat with our beloved Sri Guru..amazing dhyaan ,,feel very divine to stay with Sri Guru…filled with love and energy …Now eagerly waiting for another pratyaksh samagam..,

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