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SRSRC Bhoomi Pujan Mahotsav | The Beginning of a New Era

The Bhoomi Pujan of Shrimad Rajchandra Self Realisation Centre (SRSRC), held on 19th November 2021, is a landmark day in the history of SRM Delhi. Since the last 11 years, under the grace of Ma Adya Shakti and with the Yogbal of Param Krupalu Dev, Sri Guru has been relentless in her Mission to spread the essence of spirituality among the masses. The solemn day of Bhoomi Pujan marks the beginning of a new phase in this spiritual revolutionary movement, wherein our beloved Sri Guru invites us to take a bigger leap in self-experience.

18 Nov | A Devotional Evening with Siddharth Mohan

On the evening of 18th, to flag off the Bhoomi Pujan Mahotsav, SRM invited renowned devotional singer Siddharth Mohan ji to create an ambience of Bhakti and prepare the seekers for the glorious events to come. He along with his talented team of musicians gave an energising yet mesmerising performance that compelled all seekers to rise from their seats and rejoice with Sri Guru.

19 Nov | Bhoomi Pujan Celebrations

  • Since its announcement at the Bhoomi Darshan celebrations in July, the enthusiasm for SRSRC had been on a constant rise among everyone at SRM. Finally on the 19th, blessed seekers from all over the world gathered at the pious land situated in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, to witness their Guru initiate the journey towards building a one-of-its-kind meditation & experience Centre.
  • Dressed in vibrant yellow colors to depict the arrival of a new era, amidst reverberating chants and Nritya Bhakti, the Laabharthi seekers accompanied Sri Guru for the consecration of Moortis (idols) and Shilas. After the consecration was complete, everyone joined the SRM Bhakti Team in the first collective recital of the Morning Dev Vandan at the SRSRC Land.
  • In the lap of mother nature, facing the great Nanda Devi Himalayan Range, the Bhoomi Pujan commenced. The various picturesque views of the snow-clad Himalayas from sunrise to sunset, and the beautiful transitions of mother nature were awe-inpiring. Divine grace was felt in every seeker’s heart when they witnessed the Sthapna of Maa Aadya Shakti, Veetraag Paramatma, Param Krupalu Dev and Yogeshwar Sh. Krishna, that was followed by the eleven Abhishek Vidhaans. Every ritual and every Bhakti reminded us of our individual goal of knowing ourselves, and our spiritual responsibility of returning back to the society.
  • The Vidhikaarak Sh. Ashishbhai Mehta, an ardent devotee of Shrimadji, hosted the entire event and guided the Laabharthis on stage through each step of the Puja Vidhi. Along with his band of musicians, Ashishbhai kept the atmosphere charged with soulful Bhaktis and chants, right from the Aagman Samarambh till the Shilanyaas Vidhaan.
  • The virtues of Prem (Love), Seva (Selfless Service), Sanyam (Self-discipline) and Sadhana – the 4 pillars of SRM, were established at the site during the Shilanyas Vidhi. At the end, Bhoomi Shuddhi was performed that invited vibrations of divinity within, and outside. The purity and enthusiasm of the seekers, and the passion visible in Sri Guru’s eyes throughout the event filled all these rituals with immense spirit!

20 Nov | Key Highlights

Apoorva Avsar Exam: Declaration of Results

Between July-September, an open book exam was conducted for seekers of all ages across SRM, based on the Apoorva Avsar Book written by Sri Guru. Everyone diligently studied for the exam and attempted the well-formulated question paper aimed at testing their understanding of Shrimadji’s Vairagya-filled composition. On 20th November, Sri Guru declared the results of the Apoorva Avsar Exam, which were astounding to say the least! All the exam toppers were felicitated with certificates and blessed by Sri Guru to accompany her for the upcoming Idar Yatra in January 2022.

Sri Guru Launches Sh. Atmasiddhi Shastra
Adhyatma Vivechan

Followed by the Apoorva Avsar Exam results, our Guru bestowed us with a grand blessing in the form of Sh. Atmasiddhi Shastra Adhyatma Vivechan. Based on her years of intense contemplation, this book by Sri Guru guides us through each of the 142 verses of Sh. Atmasiddhi Shastra, taking an in-depth approach to highlight a seeker’s journey from ignorance to the ultimate goal of this human life – the attainment of Moksha (liberation). Blessed and upheld by numerous spiritual masters and saints of the current times, this book preserves the sanctity of Shrimad Rajchandraji’s words, while giving us a whole new perspective to progress on the path of Dharma.

A Presentation on the SRSRC Project

Sri Guru shared Her vision for the SRSRC project, including some key highlights about the initial architectural concept, via a presentation. The Seva Team elaborated that the various structures of the Retreat Centre shall be built in a way that incurs very little disturbance to the natural slope of the land as well as the surrounding environment, thus leaving behind a minimal carbon footprint so that mother nature complements every seeker’s spiritual growth. The entire presentation clearly reflected how every stone in the Retreat Centre is being laid with the solemn aim of providing seekers a chance to dive within!

Sh. Atmasiddhi Dhyan Vidhaan

Sh. Atmasiddhi Shastra Paarayan (recital) and Meditation guided by Sri Guru was a perfect amalgamation of introspection, devotion and meditativeness. It was in complete coherence with the subtle Aqua Blue colors donned by all seekers, symbolising the spirit of Universal Love! As we went deeper and deeper with every round of Paarayan in different Ragas by Ashishbhai Mehta, followed by Sri Guru’s guided meditation, it gave all of us numerous out-of-the-world experiences, or rather, familiarized us with our actual world within!

Jaap Arpanta | A Mass Dedication
  • At the Guru Poornima Retreat 2021, Sri Guru put forth a unique initiative for the Bhoomi Pujan. Ideally, the land upon which any institution is to be built is embedded with an offering of precious metals like gold and silver while performing the Bhoomi Pujan as per usual norms & customs. However, SRM Delhi has always highlighted that the purpose of rituals has less to do with the showcase of wealth, and more to do with invoking purity and virtues within all.
  • Thus, instead of materialistic offerings, Sri Guru encouraged all seekers to convey their Bhaav by dedicating handwritten Jaap, as a part of Chaaturmaasik Sanyam. Additionally, it was a simple yet extremely useful way to be in Smaran-Bhakti as well as practice mindfulness. These Jaap consisted of 2 Mantras bestowed upon us by Sri Guru herself:
ॐ नमो भगवते माँ आद्य शक्ति रूपाय।
ॐ नमो भगवते परम कृपालु सद्गुरुदेवाय।।
  • Throughout the four months of Chaaturmaas, seekers all across the world wholeheartedly followed Sri Guru’s Agya for Mantra Lekhan. And on 20th November 2021, the Seva Team embedded all the Mantra booklets in two specially designed compartments in the ground, lined with materials that will allow the booklets to remain so for years and years to come!

It was truly a marvelous initiative that allowed everyone at SRM to be a part of this divine plan that our Guru has envisioned for the SRSRC.

21 Nov | Launch of SwaRaj Kriya 2021

In the early morning hours of 21st November, Sri Guru unveiled the latest update in the SwaRaj Kriya, a yogic meditation technique that is helping thousands of seekers evolve at a spiritual, mental and physical level. We all took a deeper dive into the Sadhana experience with the 21-minute audio track of SwaRaj Kriya guided by Sri guru, now available to seekers via the SwaRaj Kriya App, and is rigorously monitored by 18 dedicated group leaders appointed by Sri Guru.

The Bhoomi Pujan Mahotsav, reinforced the belief that this is just the beginning – many more such out-of-the world experiences are yet to arrive in Sri Guru’s Krupa. With this, our countdown for the inauguration of SRSRC also begins..!

Compiled By Avni Goel Prabhu.

Bliss of Wisdom is a blog for seekers who are in search of their real Self. Published by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi, it is a spiritual revolutionary movement founded by Sri Guru. She is a spiritual Master who has transformed innumerable lives through her logical explanations and effective meditation techniques.

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