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SRM Delhi Announces Upcoming Meditation Centre at the Guru Poornima Retreat 2021

सत्पुरुषों का योगबल जगत का कल्याण करे!

— Shrimad Rajchandra Ji

The month of July brings with it an air of unparalleled excitement in all the seekers, for this is the time we get to express our devotion, gratitude, and Bhakti for our living Master & for the entire lineage of Gurus. Unlike 2020, this time a few seekers from India and abroad gathered for a five-day celebration with Sri Guru, witnessing a Grand News!

SRM Organises Bhoomi Darshan in Uttarakhand

The celebrations began with a journey to the mountains in Uttarakhand, to witness the first glimpses of the land for SRM’s upcoming Meditation Centre. 

  • Facing the Nanda Devi Himalayan Range and amidst the reverberating purity of Mother Nature is the land where the Centre will be built. Envisioned by Sri Guru, and with the support of numerous dedicated seekers at SRM, the Centre is going to be a place that captures & radiates the energies of the Master. With the blessings of Param Krupadu Dev and far from the shackles of the materialistic world, it shall be a place where countless seekers receive the tools to begin and advance their journey of self-realization.
  • Under a cloudy sky, drizzling rain, and dressed in yellow stoles to portray the arrival of a glorious springtime in all our lives, we took the first glance of the land site. The emotions of that amazing sight cannot be adequately expressed. But they were surely visible on our faces. We could visualize the grand plan, for which Sri Guru and the SRM Seva Team had been tirelessly exploring for the past 11 months! 

For the first time, SRM organised a 3-day Retreat for Guru Poornima in Delhi NCR

  • Every morning we all performed YogaYog with Sri Guru. This exemplary practice helps us eliminate the Tamas (inertia) from our bodies. It will also make us more receptive to the deeper meditation experiences in presence of the Master.
  • In the evening session of Day 2, the Guru Poornima celebrations kept us captivated for almost 5 hours! The numerous expressions in the form of Bhakti, dance performances, unique skits, heartfelt speeches & poems, etc. from seekers all over the world submerged the place in an atmosphere of reverence and devotion towards our Sri Guru. The Bhakti team elevated the energy dedicating a medley of our favorite Bhakti songs sung over the years at SRM. It was truly mesmerizing. 

It was also the evening wherein Sri Guru blessed us with a dozen invaluable gifts:

Each of these has arrived from the selfless and compassionate heart of our living Master so that we advance with even more intensity upon this path of self-realization. The evening concluded with the seekers receiving Sri Guru Prasadam, a Rudraksha energized by the Master. 

  • On the final day of the Guru Poornima retreat, Sri Guru propounded upon Vachanamrut 213. Written by Shrimadji to Shri Saubhagbhai, every word of Vachanamrut 213 exudes pure love and devotion towards a Sadguru. Listening to Sri Guru illustrating the words of Vachnamrutji, our hearts were also filled with the same love for our guiding light. 

Seva is one of the founding pillars of SRM Delhi. The Digital Seva Team left no stone unturned in helping seekers all across the globe to express their feelings for their beloved Guru and connect them via live broadcast. We wholeheartedly thank them!  Indeed, our Guru’s blessings are unfolding in infinite ways to help us experience that infinite. We are beyond blessed belief to be walking this path with Sri Guru. 

Thank you so much, Sri Guru! 
Dedicated by Shikha Goel Prabhu

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