SRM is not a community,
it’s a path.

We have organised ourselves to become a platform for any seeker who wants to walk the path of ultimate purpose.

Inspired by the epitome of Spirituality

Shrimad Rajchandraji

(1867 – 1901 AD)
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Founded on a Master’s Vision

This Mission is founded in 2010 by Sri Guru — a spiritual master with passion to spread what She found, and what made Her life boundless.

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Not for profit. Not for boundary.

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi is a non-profit, volunteered organisation essentially working in different ways to connect and push people inwards. Named after a profound Saint – Shrimad Rajchandraji, whose teachings pave the base of the Mission, the organisation is not bounded in any one sect but unites the essence of all into one, recognising the very reason and logic behind every concept, every religion, every symbol and every testament. The Master drives the Mission in a way that the inner bliss is obtained over the stand of selflessness and all-inclusivity.

Evolve and
help evolve!

Based in New Delhi, SRM is run by hundreds of sevaks with a DNA of ‘living is giving’, thus, operating in a discipline of intellectual devotion. Through regular Satsangs & Meditations, the Mission enriches the lives of the truth-seeking individuals with abundant positivity and clarity. As a part of the effort to disseminate this inspiration SRM operates both live–in various cities, as well as through its online presence on YouTube and other platforms.  To spread the message even further and deeper, the Mission visits numerous Countries and reaches distant places just to ignite a spark of the human potential lying within every one of us.

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Sincerely Spiritual

Driven by the Purpose

The fundamental purpose of life is to achieve happiness–infinite and eternal. Since the start of any life form, this has always been the core pursuit. The very soul of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi is to help people recognise, move towards and reach this sacred pursuit. Through boundless Knowledge, highest Devotion and experiential Meditations, SRM works to inspire and awaken the humanity towards its inner infinity.

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“Liberation is inside, and so is the path. We are on the return journey!”

Sri Guru


Explore concepts and get inspired to transform yourself


Explore concepts and get inspired to transform yourself


Explore concepts and get inspired to transform yourself

Living = Returning

As one gets filled from within, he tends to work out of compassion and love. At SRM we harness such energy and provide people a platform to return back to the society with numerous humantarian initiatives. As a family, we serve to thousands of people each year across the country.

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Understand Sri Guru’s directive and the path towards Self-realisation with these basic & conceptual collection of videos

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