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A Blissful Time with Sri Guru – 30 Days in the Himalayas!

Amidst the many challenges posed by the global pandemic, it was sublime to get a chance to spend time in the aura of an enlightened Master, that too in the healing atmosphere of the Himalayas. To all of us who were blessed to have this chance, it was Nature’s way of reminding us to feel and express gratitude towards everything we have in our lives.

Each day began with a melodious reciting of Dev Vandan, where we bowed in reverence to our Creator and to the enlightened souls whose wisdom guides our path. Afterward, we would enter into YogaYog. Here, Sri Guru taught us that the essence of Yoga is not confined to physical health. It is about being in sync with our inner source and that good health is just an automatic consequence of the former.

By practicing YogaYog with Sri Guru, we learned to free ourselves of the Tamas which had accumulated in every part of our body. Engaging in various postures and in guided meditation felt like loosening knots and cleansing the impurities lying within. We were convinced why so many saints have termed the human body as the temple of the Soul — strengthening the connection with Self had never seemed easier!

The short yet thought-provoking sessions and personal Samagam with the Master were so uplifting. Through awakening discussions on Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra and on various topics like Nirdosh Sukh, Nirdosh Anand, the right way of experiencing and expressing our Bhaav through Tatvik Bhakti, Sri Guru expanded our spiritual bandwidth. These teachings were like pearl-drops from an ocean of wisdom and compassion. Sri Guru also took time from her Sadhana to connect with seekers across the world via Zoom meetings. The joy of having Guru Darshan, was quite visible on their faces.

Sri Guru taught how the depth of clarity in our Bhaav reflects in our external expression of devotion. Every evening, we got to convey our love and gratitude towards the Master by dedicating a Bhakti or song. When Prabhu explained the verses in Dev Vandan, it became even more meaningful to sing. On the night of Buddha Poornima, all of us immersed ourselves in Bhakti under the starry moonlit skies. Time seemed to have come to a halt, for we were drenched in Sri Guru’s aura for more than four hours!

Whether it was performing Garba on Shrimadji’s Apoorva Avsar, singing Bhakti in the evenings, watching documentaries, kayaking in the lake or playing indoor games,  in our Guru we witnessed it all — the playfulness of Krishna, the awareness of Buddha, the innocence of a child and the self-discipline of a Yogi. It melted away our misconception that to attain enlightenment, one needs to completely renounce his home, family and worldly responsibilities and find a place of solitude. The joy we saw in Sri Guru’s entire being clearly showed us how one can experience life to its fullest and at the same time, be detached inside. A magnificent example of Nirdosh Sukh and Nirdosh Anand.

We found the balance that was largely missing from our busy city lives. The scenic beauty of the lakeside surrounded by fresh air, clear skies and lush green mountains nurtured the much needed calm within. That, combined with the transformative presence of the Master, helped us conserve our energies to be used at the right time. Introspecting upon our thoughts and acknowledging our flaws took less and less effort. Being away from the stressful city environment, a feeling of rest at the level of body and mind arrived naturally. As the days passed, we could see several of our physical and mental discomforts simply fading away. Being in that environment for over three weeks, we had learnt to cultivate inner joy and contentment with fewer material pleasures and worldly comforts.

Given the global turmoil due to the pandemic, it wouldn’t be fair to call it a vacation. Rather, for us, it was a month of all-round transformation in a place suffused with Guru’s divinity and Mother Nature’s purity — an experience that shall remain unforgettable.

On behalf of all those blessed seekers…

Watch seekers’ experiences and Sri Guru’s talks from this Stay:

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  1. Thank you so much prabhu for sharing the feeling of seekers sabhi ka experience sun ker bahut accha laga man m chahat jaagi ki kabhi ham bhi apne moh s bahar aa ker prabhu k divine Aura m ji sake thanks a lot prabhu🌷🙇🙏🙏❤️

  2. Prabhu. I am unable to give words to my feelings .I am following your satsangs starting from Shri Ashtavaker Geeta Narad Bhaktisutar Shrimad Bhagwat geeta and now Bhudha’ s dhammapada.Thanks for bestowing me spiritual healing and elevation after my husband physician by profession passed away due to Covid.But I regret why I was late in my search for you but then God willing.Thanx Prabhu.

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