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लक्ष्मी का स्वरूप — Shree Ram’s Thoughts on Wealth (EP 15)

Shree Ram had a remarkable Vairagya (detached view of the world). Even wealth seems worthless to him. And he could justify his thoughts strongly.

In this episode Sri Guru discussed how Shree Ram considers wealth to be. For him,

Wealth puts us in delusion.

Wealth grows out of evil intentions.

Wealth constantly keeps shifting.

Wealth makes us an addict.

Wealth corrupted even the best ones.

Wealth accumulates to intensify our sorrows.

That’s how Shree Ram sees it. And that’s what wealth does to most of the world.

Surprisingly, Vishwamitra views this as Shree Ram’s error and the purpose of Maharamayan comes into play.

Almost everyone would agree that wealth is such a delusional thing. But Sri Guru thinks otherwise. Her perspective takes the higher purpose into account and values the wealth for spreading goodness.

Watch the episode for a profound perspective. For whom the wealth works, and for whom it never will.



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