महारामायण के 7 लाभ | Benefits of Maharamayan | Maharamayan Series EP #14

Yogvaashishth Maharamayan Curated

महारामायण के 7 लाभ | Benefits of Maharamayan | Maharamayan Series EP #14

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May 10, 2023

Understanding the true nature of the external world is just one part of the story. It’s equivalent to diagnosing the disease. Only a Sadguru can complete the diagnosis and provide relevant remedies to cure and make us coherent with that, which is permanent.

Shree Ram’s virtuous life and how he remained devoted to Dharma at every stage of His life is widely celebrated. What remains unsung is what crafted Shree Ram into a perfect human being?
Lord Ram’s spiritual journey was no different than ours. After witnessing the impermanent nature of the world during His teerth yatra, Shree Ram developed intense detachment and Vairagya within. However, without the right means to convert that Vairagya into a tool for liberation, He started going on a downward spiral. To test His Vairagya and to provide Him with the right understanding of Sadhana, a Guru was essential.

In Ep#14, Sri Guru explains the prelude of Maharamayana which highlights Shree Ram’s spiritual dilemma. After diagnosing Shree Ram, Guru Vishwamitra lays the foundation for the advent of Sh. Yogvaashishth Maharamayana. He states not one or two, but 7 benefits that are bound to reap after listening to this Maharamayana with a heart filled with Vairagya!

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