Soul Spark

Hide and Seek

In the beginning of time, God created this world. 
Then, He created living beings.
Finally, He created a giant mirror.

A mirror that reflects what’s inside you.

If you have anger inside, it will show you a world burning with hatred.

If you have lust inside, it will show you a world full of enticing means to satiate your desires.

If you have joy inside, it will show you a world eagerly waiting for you to share it with others.

You cannot remove or destroy the mirror. But you can change what’s inside you.

And if you continue to fill your inner world with joy, peace and love, persevering with faith and patience, something extraordinary will happen. The mirror will turn transparent, revealing He who hides behind it. He who Himself has been waiting for you with infinite faith and endless patience, all along.

He is simply playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Are you ready to seek Him?

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  1. Wow!!!
    Amazing food for thought.
    Loved this spark which touched my heart .

  2. जय कृपालु हमारे परम्!
    अंतःकरण कैसा होता है , कैसे उसको श्रद्धा और आनंद के सद्गगुणों से भरा जाए, ये आपने ही हमें बताया है, सिखाया है। उस अपूर्व घटना की प्रतीति देना भी आपका ही प्रयास है। दर्पण की मलीनता को पारदर्शी करने की विधि भी आप श्री ने ही समझायी है। प्रभु, दर्पण के पार के सहज आनंद की प्राप्ति की खोज के लिए सारी तैयारी आपकी ही तो हैं।
    परम् उपकार!! परम् उपकार!!

  3. Jai Krupalu Sri Guruji 🙏
    Yes! With Your grace, guidance and efforts with SwaRaj Kriya, I am feeling and experiencing the state of blissfullness and understanding the transient nature of things. In the state of Sashwat Anand I don’t like to attach myself with worldly matters; even if due to past Sanskars I trumble down, with Faith and patience I want to achieve the state of Joy, Love and peace ❤️ With your presence only this can be possible. Thank You so much for everything you are doing for all of us!

  4. Jai Krupadu,

    Yes Prabhu, I am whole heartedly ready to explore this.

    Wow…what a dimension of Hide and Seek, Thank you Sri Guru.

    Definitely with your grace, i will win this game and find out the one who has created this game.

    Love you Sri Guru.❤️

  5. जी हां हम तैयार हैं।

    अहो आश्चर्य से अहो उपकार श्री गुरु! अहो उपकार !🙏♥️🪷

  6. सच में भीतर गुरु के प्रति केवल भक्ति और प्रेम हो तो सारा संसार ही आनंददाई प्रतीत हो। अभी जीवन में जो भी आनंद व शांति है वे केवल गुरुदेव के प्रति बढ़ते प्रेम के कारण है।
    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद श्री गुरु 🙏

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