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Highlights of Annual Meet 2023

Rejoice in the Beloved’s name, forgetting all your worldly woes… For after a long absence,
the showers of Love have returned again..! 

The Annual Meets at SRM are far more than just a year-end gathering. Thoughtfully planned and meticulously executed by the dedicated Seva Team, they are an experience that surpasses the ordinary and delves into the profound. This year, while the rest of the world was gearing up for Christmas festivities, we had our hearts pounding for a different reason altogether. Because, this year, SRM opened the Annual Meet with a captivating question, “Is Your Heart Ready?”, fueling just the right amount of curiosity about all that was to unfold in the upcoming 4 days.

With our beloved Sadguru reveling in a profound state of Prem Samadhi since October, every encounter with the Master has felt like an outpour of Love. Call it Divine Will, because the Annual Meet too, was a blissful continuation of this very stream of love! As Sadhaks arrived in Delhi at the Taj Vivanta, they could immediately sense why it was different this time. For so many of us, the venue seemed no less than a pilgrimage with every corner echoing Sri Guru’s Love energies.

For the inaugural evening of 22nd December, seekers entered into the Aastha Anushthan, a sacred ritual performed in an ambiance of melodic chants and devotional verses, to consecrate the four divine entities central to SRM’s philosophy — Maa Adya Shakti, Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji, Veetraag Bhagwan, and Yogeshwar Shri Krishna.

In the premier session itself, Sri Guru made a surprising promise to all attendees. This time, experiences arising out of her love field would be resonating deeper than anything she may express through words. This time, the Presence would be speaking louder than words. And so it happened. What followed in the next few days wasn’t a series of intellectual discussions, rather a cascade of soul-stirring experiences that blossomed in Sri Guru’s loving Presence.     

The early morning YogaYog sessions featured the perfect blend of Asanas to awaken our physical and mental faculties, helping us seamlessly slide into the next stage – Meditating in the Master’s aura. The day couldn’t have begun any better than this — hundreds of Sadhaks collectively immersed in meditation for an hour every morning, witnessing the mystical wisdom of the Anahat Chakra materialize into sheer experience!

Another wondrous element of the 2023 Annual Meet was the afternoon Hour of Silence, where Sadhaks sat together in silence and explored their inner stillness, while listening to meditative chants playing in the background.

The echoes of Sri Guru’s Prem Samadhi ripened everything they touched, not the least of which was the expression of Bhakti. With our Anahat Chakras energized, each offering of Bhakti felt more relatable and awe-inspiring than ever. There were many melodies, like Rooh Vairagan, Aisi Barsaat.. and Kuchh Aisi Apni Kismat Ho, which left the seekers absolutely spellbound. Seeing the depth of emotions they invoked and the atmosphere they conjured – it was clear that these melodies were coming from a higher and purer realm. 

This year, SRM made two delightful additions to its Sacred Store publications, namely:

  1. The Isavasyopanishad: A Spiritual Perspective by Sri Guru, which explores the ultimate human goal of self-realisation through 18 verses, having mesmerising revelations and insightful discussions on the nature of Brahma, Maya, the Five Sheaths, and the key behavioural tendencies of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.
  2. Flicker to Flame: A collection of Sri Guru’s emails and conversations wherein the Master imparts invaluable wisdom  to a young seeker, affectionately called “Young Light”.

Located in the Natadol region of Almora, Uttarakhand, the Shrimad Rajchandra Self Realisation Centre (SRSRC) is a place envisioned by the Master that will serve as a haven for countless seekers to advance their journey of self-realisation. At the Annual Meet, Gautam Kamdar Prabhu along with the ever-dedicated SRSRC Team shared exciting updates on the project’s first phase. This included significant milestones achieved in the construction of the temple complex, Sadhak’s residence, boundary wall, and other essential infrastructure like peripheral roads, foundation and retaining walls, etc.  

Every evening, the spirit of celebration permeated the atmosphere. Sri Guru gracefully joined the gathering to immerse in the collective joy of Bhakti and dance performances, lovingly presented by seekers from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh.

Through a captivating short skit, SRM seekers enacted the journey of Shabri, beautifully portraying her profound acts of devotion, despite immense challenges in life. The skit reached its pinnacle when drawn to Shabri’s pure heart and boundless Bhakti, Lord Ram Himself graced her humble hut. It not only brought to life the inspiring tale of Shabri but also touched upon many worldly myths and misconceptions that keep one forever away from attaining the ultimate human goal. The performances were so marvellous, that it compelled Sri Guru herself to bless the protagonist Purnima Aggarwal Prabhu with a loving embrace! At last, Shabri met her Ram..!

In a delightful twist this year, SRM introduced a unique Talent Uncover Round which encouraged Sadhaks to unveil their hidden gifts and dedicate them to Sri Guru. Participants, both young and young-at-heart lit up the stage, and earned lots of admiration from everyone in attendance.

On 24th December, our chief motivator, Gautam Prabhu took the centre stage to host the eagerly anticipated awards evening. The ceremony not only left an indelible mark on the blessed awardees, but also on every Sadhak present. Each transformative story shared by Gautam Prabhu reignited our passion to journey further along the spiritual path in Sri Guru’s Grace.

On the morning of 25th, Sri Guru graced us with a remarkable gift – the latest upgrade in SwaRaj Kriya. Being the core meditation practice, it serves as the very heart of every seeker’s Sadhana at SRM. The latest update in SwaRaj Kriya aimed at activating the Anahat: the spiritual Centre within us all.

When the adults were quite clearly having the time of their life (or rather many lives), how could the kids remain mere spectators? They also joined the dance in the drizzle of Love through a brand new initiative called ‘Sanskaar’. The ‘Sanskaar’ program aims to nurture the younger generation with right morals and spiritual values, preparing a solid foundation for their present and future. This Annual Meet saw the pilot of this program, with eventful sessions conducted on four ‘Seeds of Goodness’ – Gratitude, Honesty, Sharing and Cleanliness.

The culmination of each day at the Annual Meet invoked awe, gratitude, and a deeper experience of connection with Sri Guru. This Annual Meet was not just an event; it was a journey that transcended the ordinary and left us profoundly grateful for the Love that guides our path.

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  1. Such a great, love-filled time the attendees had! And such a good synopsis of the shivir!! Blissful days spent in the aura of Sri Guru

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