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The Transformation Zone

For the welfare of humanity, the following advisory has been issued by all Enlightened Beings of the past, present, and future. Please read carefully:

A Guru’s energy field is a zone of transformation. DO NOT enter this zone if:

  1. You are allergic to purity.
  2. You enjoy fear and stress.
  3. You are satisfied with the mundane, and not interested in finding the true purpose of your life.
  4. You don’t want to risk losing slavery to the senses.
  5. You are not bothered about the fundamental questions of existence – Who am I? Where have I come from? What is my true nature?
  6. You are happy with pain-inducing relationships and attachments.
  7. You are scared of true unconditional Love.

Seekers who choose to enter this zone despite these warnings are advised to take special care of their sufferings – they might be snatched away at any instant.

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  1. Wow! Entering into Transformation zone is just Like stepping on an escalator….Which speeds up our journey onwards, never to look back again…
    Thank you so much SriGuru

  2. Amazing!!! Entering into Guru’s energy zone is ONE way entrance. The transformation is permanent.

  3. It’s a beautiful journey of transformation with pratyaksh Sadguru, and it is definitely helping me in my spiritual growth towards Oneness💜

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