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How Ramayana has Inspired India’s Values — Sri Guru Talks Recalls Shree Ram’s Eminence

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Ramayana, the crown jewel of Indian mythology, holds religious and cultural significance of epic proportions. Ever since its inception thousands of years ago, it has served as the golden yardstick for righteousness, family ethics, and moral values in our country. Here are a few insights as SRM begins the Maharamayana series of Talks and Meditations.

Ramayana – The Reservoir of Virtues

Ramayana, composed by sage Valmiki, narrates the life of Lord Ram and his wife Sita. Exiled to the forest on the eve of Shree Ram’s eagerly awaited coronation as the King of Ayodhya, their life was nothing short of a series of trials and tribulations. Yet, throughout their journey, they personified virtues like truth, self control, integrity, courage, and compassion, even in the face of extreme circumstances. Their flawless characters and exemplary life have given us the blueprint of an ideal life – not one lived for pleasures and comforts, but one that is lived with virtues, irrespective of what life throws at us.

This holy scripture also highlights the importance of family, loyalty, and friendship. It would be difficult to find a greater example of dedication than Lakshman’s sacrifice –  readily giving up 14 years of his married life, royal comforts, and even sleep, in selfless service of his elder brother. Nor has history ever witnessed a more endearing story of devotion than Hanuman’s love for his Shree Ram – a love so pure and strong that not even the might of Ravana and his formidable army could stop it from burning down the kingdom of Lanka.

Sri Guru explains Ramayana in a Talk at Delhi

Sri Guru talks on Lord Rama in the Maharamayana Series, New Delhi.

Shree Ram – The Pinnacle of Dharma

However, above all else, Ramayana underscores the importance of living in accordance with Dharma, or in Sri Guru’s words, the greater good. From absolute acceptance of an exile of 14 years to uphold his father’s honour, to his unwavering love and loyalty for Sita in an era when polygamy was the norm for Kings and Emperors, Lord Ram adhered to Dharma in every situation of his life. It was Dharma that made him an ideal son, an ideal warrior, an ideal King, an ideal husband. It was Dharma tha enabled him to overcome all adversities and led to his eventual victory over Ravana. A victory that became a metaphor for the triumph of good over evil, and continues to be celebrated every year as the festival of Dussehra. This grand conquest is certainly the most shining artefact of Lord Ram’s journey. Yet, we can take inspiration from any and every minute aspect of his life to live in tune with Dharma, even when choosing our personal comfort might seem way easier, or even justifiable.

Ram Katha is woven into the fabric of our culture, and remain the sacred thread that binds this nation together. But we must remind ourselves that these characters are not merely confined to history or the pages of this epic scripture. We all have a Ram, a Sita, a Lakshman, a Hanuman lying dormant within us, waiting to be awakened. Only with this realisation can we truly begin to imbibe the values that Ramayana stands for. Only then can we bring back the golden days of Ram-Rajya.

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