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Sri Guru Flags Off the Maharamayana Series

On February 5th, the Sathya Sai Auditorium in Delhi hosted the inspiring launch of Yogvaashishth Maharamayana — a new series by Sri Guru that explores the evolution of Ram. The attendees included people from various parts of the world, eager to be a part of the opening session.

Describing it as Ram Granth, Sri Guru spoke at length about how this scripture holds immense significance for the current generation. The Master explained why Shri Ram’s name has echoed across millennia, for there isn’t a more renowned icon whose saga could shape Indian society to such an extent. The more we uncover the virtuous life He lived, the more we revere Shri Ram’s stature as the founder of Sanskaar, the core values guiding our culture. And one could tell that people were astonished, as they listened to some lesser-known instances from the Ram Katha narrated by Sri Guru.

(Attend the Maharamayana events live)

At SRM, the Guru’s path is both dynamic and detailed. Not only do we seek clarity from scriptures, but also learn to relay that wisdom into experience through powerful meditation techniques. With this spirit, Sri Guru introduced the Shakti Kriya, a new meditation practice to empower us against our frequent worldly desires. Through the Shakti Kriya, the Master guided all to focus on the Nabhi Mandala, a region in the spine that houses two important energy centres – the Swadhisthan Chakra and Manipur Chakra. By the time the Kriya concluded, a deep sense of calm had enveloped the auditorium, with everyone feeling renewed. 

The electrifying tunes of Bhakti, Sri Guru’s inspiring discourse on Lord Ram, and the introduction of Shakti Kriya made the opening event a thundering success, leaving us even more excited for the upcoming sessions!

how ramayana has inspired indian values

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  1. Jai Kripadu Sri Guru.
    Wow ! Great opening ceremony for the new satsang series. Yogvaashishth Maharamayan —
    Eagerly awaiting to see the satsang and learn the ” Shakti Kriya ” at Mumbai center.
    Thank you seva team.

  2. 🙏

  3. Jay Krupalu Prabhu 🙏🙏 I m speechless

  4. Jai krupadu prabhu 🙏
    It was really an eye opener session.
    We heard the Ram naam and Shree Ram Katha from the time of our birth or childhood but surprisingly we were not aware of the facts.
    Sri Guru in your aura and with your noble voice, we are entering in the stage of Ram yug which will enlighten us and hopefully our coming generations.
    We are blessed one who will take the Satyug talks directly from your shree mukh.
    Koti Koti pranam and Vandana Sri Guru 🙏

  5. Jai krupalu prabhu

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