हे जीव क्या इच्छत है अब? | Of Desires and Spirituality.

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हे जीव क्या इच्छत है अब? | Of Desires and Spirituality.

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February 6, 2022

Our sacred scriptures have time and again regarded Desire as the root cause of all suffering — physical and mental. They have propounded in abundance on the need of being desire-free. Shrimad Rajchandraji too, in His divine Kaavya “Maarag Sacha Mil Gaya, highlights that desires are what aggravate our ignorance and consequently extend our transmigration. Truly, if we take a deeper look at our daily life, we will find that we are riddled with them. We invoke a desire, harbor it, feed it, pursue to fulfil it, derive pleasure from its fulfilment, and then move on to invoking yet another desire, thus going through the same cycle again and again.
But how often have we wondered about the origin of these repetitive desires? In this video, Sri Guru explains the fundamental causes that invoke a desire within us human beings. Additionally, we learn how to transform the nature of our desires through the virtues of Prem (Oneness), Seva (Selfless Service), Sainyam (Discipline) and Sadhana.

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