Holi – Of Colours and Bhakti

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Holi – Of Colours and Bhakti

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March 17, 2022

Holi – Of Colours and Bhakti | Sri Guru

Mother Nature is blessed with a breathtakingly rich wealth of colours. And being an extension of Mother nature, it isn’t surprising that we human beings adore and relate to colour as well. It has the power to influence our experience, our outlook, our imagination.

Holi is one such festival that can undoubtedly be perceived as a celebration of Nature’s diversity. It is a day that is brimming with the spirit of Oneness, universal brotherhood and compassion. It is an occasion to rise above the trivial differences based on appearance and personal opinions, and embrace the colours of Divine. For every hue is a manifestation of God, every shade reflects His presence…

Through this video, Sri Guru adds to the fervour of this popular festival, by giving the spiritual significance of Holi. We explore the history of Holi via two stories from Indian mythology – First, the story of Bhakt Prahlad, Hiranyakashipu and Holika. Second, the story of Krishna’s first ever Ras Leela that occurred in Vrindavan on the night of Holi. In addition to learning why we celebrate Holi, we get to look at this glorious festival of colours from a new perspective – as a vibrant symbol of devotion and dissolution.

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