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How to Cultivate Vairagya for Your Spiritual Progress?


“Without the strength of Vairagya and Upsham (self-effort), one cannot arrive at Atmabodh (experience of Self).”

Shrimad Rajchandraji, Vachanamrut 500

Ever wondered why despite being guided by an enlightened Master, you fall short of embracing their teachings completely? Why despite having the right knowledge, you lack the ability for intense self-experience? These are questions that many seekers have trouble answering. Let us approach them with a small example: 
Imagine two objects — The first one is floating on the surface of the ocean, while the other is placed at the ocean floor. Which one is more vulnerable to the rising waves? Certainly, it is the object floating on the surface.

Now let us apply this analogy to our scenario: Everything you learn from Guru’s Satsang initially remains on the surface level of your understanding. And whatever lies on the surface is susceptible to the constant ‘wavering’ of the mind. It cannot transform you, until it reaches deeper and translates into experience. And as Shrimadji has propounded, Vairagya is the medium that makes it all happen.

The Four Stages of Vairagya

So far we have established that lack of Vairagya is the primary cause why we fail to progress on the spiritual journey, despite having an abundance of knowledge. But what does Vairagya truly entail? Sri Guru has given us ample clarity on its various stages. Let us understand how you arrive at each one:

Yatmaan Vairagya | The Introspection Stage 

When you start identifying the source of your joy & misery within yourself rather than outside, it marks the onset of Yatmaan Vairagya. This comes from sincerely introspecting on the teachings of Satsangs. They help realise how your Raag-Dwesh (worldly attachments-aversions) are becoming obstacles in your progress.

Vyatirek Vairagya | The Withdrawing Stage

Out of love and surrendership towards your Guru, you start withdrawing yourself from worldly pleasures and succeed upto a certain level. However, owing to the deep-rooted habits of the past, the tendencies of your mind & senses are not fully diminished. More efforts are needed. This is the stage of Vyatirek Vairagya.

Ek-Indriya Vairagya | The Stage of Partial Attainment 

At this stage, your mental discipline has grown powerful and well-established. It enables you to achieve absolute restraint over any one of the five senses (hence the name Ek-Indriya). This happens when you sincerely commit to Sanyam and Chintan (discipline and contemplation). In addition, you notice that even though you pursue a desire when it arises, you acknowledge its short-lived nature. You recognise how futile and insignificant it was to begin with. This is how Ek-Indriya Vairagya strengthens the roots of discipline within you.

Vashikaar Vairagya | The Final Stage

At the fourth stage, Vairagya becomes effortless. Through dedicated practice of Sanyam and Sadhana, you gain mastery over all the five senses as well as the mind. At the same time, the instances of attachments and aversions simmer down considerably. Hence, Vashikaar Vairagya relieves you of worldly materialistic tendencies.

As you venture through these 4 stages and finally reach the state of Vashikaar Vairagya, your life energies are completely focused within. Now when you enter into the process of meditation, these energies become purer, the inner experiences become deeper and more intense. Your consciousness that was limited to the surface, now begins to submerge into the ocean of bliss, giving you the first glimpses of liberation..!

— Sri Guru

Compiled by Avneesh Shisodia Prabhu

Watch Sri Guru’s Satsang describing the Four Stages of Vairagya

Listen to the audio track of Apoorva Avsar Kaavya — A divine poetry by Shrimad Rajchandraji propounding the essence of Vairagya in a seeker’s spiritual journey.
To download the Chaaturmaasik Sanyam containing the 15 Niyams illustrated by Sri Guru,
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