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Limitless Grace – a Poem on Guru’s Invaluable Blessing

Grace glows unceasingly bright
Even in dearth of worldly light
And endures the darkest of nights
Far beyond the human might

Grace sows the blessed seed
In hearts that are barren of hope
It is what permeates deep within
Revealing the treasures buried therein

Grace is the beloved source
For every joy you have ever known
Grace is the invisible force
Rowing your boat towards the shores

Be One with that power
Be One with that presence
Be One with that divine embrace
That manifests in limitless ways!

Eternal and unbound by fate
From a Guru’s heart, that radiates
Who revels in such a blissful state
Who lives to love and liberate..!

There are two kinds of enlightened souls – First, who scales the mountain, witnesses the serenity upon arriving at the summit, and then dissolves in the boundless existence. Second, who also experiences the divinity of life at the summit, but then descends back out of sheer compassion to lead those who are still struggling at the foothills. We have the rare privilege of being led by the second kind. Exuding love in its purest form, these enlightened beings carry glimpses of the Almighty. How could that Grace ever be limited!

Dedicated by Avneesh Prabhu

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  1. Very true Avneesh Prabhu,
    स्वयं खड़े हैं सागर के किनारे पर जंहा वह स्वयं ही सागर रूप हो जायेगें,
    पर करूणा वश हमको साथ ले जाने किनारे से वापिस वो आ जाते हैं।
    ऐसे गुरुवर हमारे हैं, ऐसे गुरुवर हमारे हैं।

  2. I bow to Sri Guru in humbleness. This describes you well. Thank you for guiding me and others through these 4 months.

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