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Krupa and Punya – What is the Difference?

Offering prayers has long been a widely practiced ritual across so many cultures. It gives us a way to express our faith and gratitude towards the Almighty. It was always intended for our spiritual evolution as a society. But with the passage of time, the deep meaning associated with it seems to have faded away. Today, praying has been reduced to an empty act performed only for accumulating more and more Punya or good fortune. Whether it is in a temple, mosque, church or any other place of worship – people still use words like Krupa, Rehmat, Mercy, Benevolence, Blessing etc. in their prayers. Though what they are actually expecting is a raise in their Punya so as to fulfil their materialistic ambitions. Such has been the norm, that having a good fortune is being mistaken for having Krupa. But receiving the fruits of your Punya and receiving Krupa are both fundamentally different. 

  • Punya is an outcome of our good deeds, our good Karma. It is no doubt a useful resource to have. But whatever we receive by the virtue of our Punya – be it good health, worldly recognition, economic prosperity or a supportive family – all of it is finite in nature. It is going to exhaust one day.

Krupa is something that is not a consequence of our deeds. It is an expression of unconditional love and compassion from a purer source, one that cannot be exhausted. Think about it – an enlightened Guru, who is just steps away from dissolving into that infinite bliss, has dedicated her life to be a guiding light for us. How could that Krupa ever be finite!

  • Our actions, including the good ones, are bound by the forces of duality and so is their outcome. This limits the impact of Punya in our lives, for it can bring only external comfort and convenience.

Krupa manifests at much deeper levels. It transforms us from within, and prepare us for such experiences that no external pleasure can ever match. The influence of Krupa on a seeker’s life is not limited to the physical realm. It cannot be ascertained with worldly benchmarks, for it has the power to liberate us from all worldly affluence. 

  • Punya could make it a bit easier to discover the path to begin our journey. It may help remove some barriers or create certain suitable conditions to facilitate that journey. But Punya cannot create the path itself, nor can it inspire a seeker’s efforts. For instance, one may possess a melodious voice by virtue of his Punya, but it cannot invoke the spirit of Bhakti within. That happens only with Krupa.

It is only because of an enlightened Guru’s Krupa, that a path is there in the first place! Krupa is the most powerful driving force a seeker can receive while traversing the spiritual path. It is the invisible benevolent hand that helps us rise every time we stumble or fall. It is what eliminates our tendency to deviate and slip back to our vices.

Whether it arrives from that formless God consciousness or from a compassionate Living Master, Krupa manifests at a deeper realm. So let us not confine its power, for it is clearly far more potent than worldly fortune!

Written and dedicated by Avneesh Prabhu

Bliss of Wisdom is a blog for seekers who are in search of their real self. It is published by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi – a spiritual revolutionary movement founded by Sri Guru. She is a spiritual Master who has transformed innumerable lives through her logical explanations and effective meditation techniques. To know more visit

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  1. Jai Krupadu,
    SRI GURU की कृपा से हमें सही दिशा मिलती है, अध्यात्म मार्ग पर चलने के लिए उत्साह आता है, खुशियों से भर जाते हैं,निरंतर रूपांतरण होता रेहता हैं और आत्मा सन्मुख होने लगते हैं,
    Thank you so much 💓 ❤🙏

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