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Devotion goes deeper than Knowledge

After a month-long personal retreat in the Himalayas, Sri Guru blessed us with some valuable teachings which she emphasized daily to all the seekers in the retreat. And if the Master repeatedly highlights something for our evolution, imagine how crucially important it must be! These reflections are a complete path in themselves. They are worth contemplating by every seeker, followed by an honest endeavor to transform themselves accordingly.

Satsang is not for accumulating knowledge

Our purpose of listening to Guru’s Satsang should not be a mere collection of knowledge. Thanks to Sri Guru’s masterful ability to impart clarity, we all have grown intellectually and are able to understand any new concept introduced in Satsang with ease. However, merely understanding a concept does not lead to transformation. It is a common experience of every seeker – when the need arises, we are unable to recollect the relevant knowledge gained from Satsang. And even if we do, we fail to to practically apply it at that very instant. This is because in our thirst for knowledge, we are grasping our Guru’s invaluable words just like every other piece of worldly information — at surface level. We are forgetting the key element that facilitates transformation.

Bhakti — The key to transformation

Often times, when Sri Guru introduces a new concept or thought during Satsang, our heads automatically nod in agreement. In those moments, instead of just filling our diaries with notes, we should remind ourselves of this: Our Guru is not just sharing a piece of knowledge derived from textbooks or scriptures. Rather, she is sharing something divine that has blossomed from her personal experiences. This realization will fill us with reverence, love, and devotion for our Master and the state of bliss in which she resides. Soon, this devotion will fuel our actions and bring us closer to that blissful state of being. This is what leads to real transformation!

Nurture Devotion, Not Delusion

So far in our lives, we have mostly nurtured seeds of delusion and attachment by remaining entangled in worldly desires and relations. Those seeds have germinated into a giant tree, one that may fall and crush us any given second. Compared to the tree of delusion, the plant of devotion and love for our Guru remains a tiny sapling! We must ensure that we nurture this sapling with a lot of love and care, so that it grows into a tree so large that its shade becomes our only source of security, comfort, peace and happiness.

Ask not for knowledge from enlightened beings, but seek the virtue of Devotion.

Shrimad Rajchandraji

It is true that our quest for knowledge can lead us to a Sadguru and the clarity of knowledge obtained from Sadguru can keep us in their company. But only love and devotion towards a Sadguru can catalyze our transformation. And that is the sole life-purpose of every living Master.

Let us cease the search for knowledge, and immerse ourselves in love and devotion for our Guru.

Compiled by Ankit Dwivedi Prabhu

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  1. Jai Jai Param Krupadu Gurudev ! Thank you so much. Let me be filled with reverence, love and devotion for my Pram Krupadu Gurudev. I feel so blessed. Appke Charan Kamal Mai Aganeet Vandan. ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  2. Really I am experiencing above blog exactly in my life…
    5 years before I was connected with Sri guru only in search of knowledge thru You Tube.. but as year passes I started feeling love about her…and today I can’t ignore Sri Guru’s single word… I am feeling lot of transformation in myself…
    Thanks Sri guru 🙏🌹❤️
    Bless me for my coming journey 🙏

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