Updeshamrit (Hindi) — Collection of Laghuraj Swami’s Teachings


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Sh. Laghuraj Swami was one of the 4 Bhakt-Ratnas of Shrimadji. He was totally dedicated in spreading Shrimadji’s teachings to the people, and had established the first Ashram with Shrimadji’s Temple – now known as Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Agas (Gujarat).

Updeshamrit contains the teachings and letters which Sh. Laghuraj Swami shared with his followers while propounding the essence of the teachings of Shrimadji. This book has several letters written by him, as well as transcripts of his Satsangs which were noted by his seekers in the Agas Ashram.

Reading Updeshamrit, a seeker will feel the spirit of devotion which Sh. Laghuraj Swami had for His Guru. So, this book is recommended for those who seek to ignite the Bhakti within.

Published & subsidised by Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Agas