Ambalal Abhyas Kram Satsang #54

Discussion on Shrimadji's Letters


About the Event:

Shri Ambalal Bhai was a close disciple of Shrimadji, to whom Shrimadji guided from the first step itself. Shrimadji Himself states “…Besides Ambalal, I have told not more than a part of the path of Dharma to you all…” (V. 173).

Thus, in this series of Satsangs, Sri Guru explains the Letters written by Shrimadji to Ambalal Bhai, and how a Guru crafts a Seeker from within to become a realised human.


December 04, Friday

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM*


Art Of Living Center, Pitampura

Art of Living


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