गुरु आज्ञा का महत्व | Shrimad Rajchandra Atmasiddhi Shastra Ep#10

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गुरु आज्ञा का महत्व | Shrimad Rajchandra Atmasiddhi Shastra Ep#10

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May 13, 2023

The pursuit of any goal, whether material or spiritual, is driven by an innate sense of unfulfillment. Material pleasures seldom fill this void, while spirituality offers a way to long-lasting contentment and bliss. Shrimadji regarded this as “Paramarth”, the ultimate wealth one can aspire to attain. To achieve this state, one must follow a precise path, and adhere to certain “do’s and don’ts.”

Despite fulfilling the requisites of the spiritual path, many seekers fail to let go of distractions that hinder their growth. While Satsang, Bhakti, Sanyam, and other essential “do’s” (Vidhi) are important, equally crucial are the “don’ts” (Nishedh) of discarding all other distractions, which are often overlooked. The journey remains incomplete, and the outcome falls short if this cycle is not completed.

In Gatha-9 of Sh. Atmasiddhi Shaastra and Vachnamrut 511, Shrimadji emphasizes the importance of right wisdom and introspection to complete this cycle. A Sadguru is necessary to ignite this process. Sri Guru deciphers Shrimadji’s words, highlighting the Vidhi and Nishedh that seekers must follow.

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