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Introducing Dhyan Sangha — Turning 51 Homes Into a Meditation Retreat

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A month after Sri Guru sent a ‘friend request’ to seekers, over 120 families fervently offered their Seva to create “Mini” SRMs at their places. Through SRM’s Dhyan Sangha initiative, they sought to emulate, in their own little ways, what SRM does – deliver inner experiences. Between 9-10 April 2022, 51 mini-SRMs opened their doors to members from diverse cultures and age-groups, offering them an experience which they later acknowledged as “much-needed” and exhilarating!

A team at SRM worked relentlessly for a month to craft every aspect of the meditative experience – from recording Sri Guru’s teachings dedicated specifically for Dhyan Sangha, to providing ambient necessities like special meditation pillows.

Every part of Dhyan Sangha carried the Master’s touch. A set of purifying practices, termed as Kshetra-Vishuddhi Prakriya, were formulated by Sri Guru. Performed by the hosts for three consecutive days before the launch, the process brought a natural discipline and rejuvenated their place with an abundance of pure energies.

The host families were also gifted an exceptional Devtrayi Chitrapat along with Charan, all enclosed in an elegant case having the golden words ‘सहजात्मस्वरूपपरमगुरु’ embossed on top.

Their arrival brought Guru’s live energies in unprecedented proportions! As we opened the case, consecrated Chitrapat and Charan, and entered into Kshetra Vishuddhi, every corner of our home seemed to be overflowing with temple-like vibes. A rare joy was reverberating within and around us.” said Shikha Goel, one of many grateful hosts.

As 500 novel meditators arrived for the premier session of Dhyan Sangha, they too felt surrounded by a ‘different’ atmosphere altogether. Some attendees observed an instant reduction in thoughts, while some experienced an unusual stillness in the body and the mind.

I had never meditated. Never even thought of it as a thing. But this day makes me rethink my equations. It makes me go back inside and find that bliss again!” – says a participant of Dhyan Sangha session. The hour-long sequence was curated in a manner that left each participant fulfilled with clarity and peace of mind.

Ajit Shah, a Dhyan Sangha host in Chicago, USA expressed, “Even 30 minutes post the session, we all were still talking about how beautifully the whole session went, and how everyone felt different, relaxed and noticed that more of ‘this’ is needed.

The untiring dedication of the Seva Team was matched only by the enthusiasm of the host families. With Guru’s Grace, these collective efforts proved instrumental in delivering a session worth remembering and rejoicing! We all are looking forward to the future meets of Dhyan Sangha organised monthly across 51+ locations globally. 

Join a Dhyan Sangha near you – here is the list (click this link).

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  1. I feel peace and happy.Guru ma is best guru of the world

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    I wish if someday if could be the Host fir this Devine Meditation sangh🙏🙏

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  4. I express gratitude to the Grace Shrigurudev.

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