Guru Dec 20, 2018

Guru Kripa — Science, Psychology or Boon?



Question: In spiritual path, the Guru Kripa (Grace) is often believed to be of ultimate value. Without that Grace it is impossible to even believe in this path, leave aside the experience. And, even after a strong belief, its only the Guru Kripa which leads the seeker to final experience. Also, traditionally, Guru is observed as an ocean of compassion. Then, why doesn’t the Guru Kripa happen straight in the beginning of the seeker’s path? Why does a seeker have to work hard and wait for years to attain it?

The need is to understand a simple concept. Guru is the one who slashes our ignorance. Once the ignorance is gone, everything celestial happens. Because, removing the ignorance means making the seeker realise the illusion the world is. Often termed as Maya. Then, nothing but the reality happens. The truth pervades in every dimension of life. Bliss becomes an everlasting phenomenon. All this happens but under a Guru’s Grace. The first reason being ‘Psychology’.

Guru Kripa — a Psychology

It is a human mind’s pattern that it may refrain from the unknown. It feels comfort in what is already known, though it may be like burning in fire, as the known world is. It is only in the presence of Guru that the seeker feels a great force to push himself into the unknown terrain of experiences. Without this push, the courage would never gather even in million years. This is Guru Kripa. But, question still rises — “why the Grace isn’t delivered the very first day? It would be so easy!” The reason is — Science.

Guru Kripa — a Science in Itself

Yes, the Guru Kripa is a complete science in itself. Though the science is deeper than the oceans, here, we just need to know why it doesn’t happen the first day.

To correct people’s belief, Guru doesn’t pick someone and start gracing him. A Guru never ‘chooses’ his disciples. He just showers himself. For the immense bliss in which the Guru resides, it is impossible for him to not to shower it along the life. Every Guru in the history spoke just out of this inner fulfilment. It is a phenomenon unstoppable. The only thing matters is the readiness of the seeker (patrata). When clouds disperse into the rains, the rivers and ponds rejuvenate and fill themselves up, while the mountains and rocks remain lifeless, dry. Showers of Grace, similarly, are harmoniously uniform onto every being. Its just how much their vessel is ready for the Grace to fill it up. For some the experience may happen within just a few days of surrender, while others may have to spend their lifetime. The readiness, which matters the most, has to be evolved by the seeker himself. ‘Complete Surrender’ may be the key. The law of this science has no exception, ever. As the seeker gets ready, the journey happens to him, without any delay. This is Guru Kripa.

Guru Kripa — a Boon

We are never capable of finding a Guru. It is itself the ultimate Grace that once the seeker is ready, the Guru appears himself. Subtly, the whole Universe wants the beings to move towards liberation. For a seeker, everything in the path arranges itself to push him towards ‘that’ final experience. Guru is the great catalyst which represents that power wanting us to liberate. Thus, Guru Kripa is an unparalleled boon to humanity. To the seeker. A perfect combination of science, psychology and a boon from the ultimate.

Naturally, we may just ready ourselves and open our vision for life. Someone may be on the way to hold our hand and pull us out of this vicious illusion. The need is of readiness. Maybe ‘complete Surrender’…

Editor’s note: his article is a translation of original Hindi article by SRI BEN PRABHU.