Nature of Punishment | दण्ड के सिद्धांत

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Nature of Punishment | दण्ड के सिद्धांत

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February 16, 2022

In this video “दण्ड के सिद्धांत”, Sri Guru combines the religious, scientific and spiritual notions of “दण्ड” or “Punishment” to decode the rationale behind the cause and objective of such punishment. Essentially, we understand the entire “Nature of Punishment”. Sri Guru further provides a Recovery Plan to ensure that punishments, instead of causing misery in our lives, help us unfold our maximum potential.

There are numerous beliefs and perceptions surrounding punishment in various religions. Some religious sects propound forgiveness for all sins, since it is a part of human nature, and believe that God forgives humans for their sins. Some cultures accept punishment for the collective betterment of the society, but at the same time consider God as merciful and prefer forgiveness above all. However, any sin committed by us reaps negative consequences in the form of punishment, is something we know by our experience. This gives rise to doubts pertaining to the core fundamentals of religion and punishment.

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