Life of a Yogi | संत का जीवन

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Life of a Yogi | संत का जीवन

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February 19, 2022

Discovering a Yogi, a saint in modern times is rarer than ever. It is not just because truly Self-realized masters are less in number. It is not just because society, in general, is drifting away from spirituality & religion. It is not due to the rising number of motivational speakers, influential orators, and sectarian leaders claiming themselves to be ‘enlightened’. It is because we have put a Yogi into narrow brackets of identity. It is because we have considered the life of a Yogi from a limited perspective. A Yogi isn’t necessarily someone who lives and meditates at some aloof location in the mountains, nor someone who has renunciated all worldly duties and connections. A Yogi isn’t merely a person having vast scriptural knowledge or someone who can give long and elaborate discourses.

In this video, Sri Guru shares few of the many mind-awakening aspects that are evident in the Life of a Yogi, so that these glimpses of Godliness become much more pronounced as we seekers move ahead in our journey…

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