Getting Stress Right | तनाव कैसे दूर करें

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Getting Stress Right | तनाव कैसे दूर करें

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February 23, 2022

We often wonder, जीवन में तनाव कैसे दूर करें? How to remove stress from our life?
Stress & anxiety management is possible via many different approaches, i.e. there can be several strategies for managing ourselves in stressful situations. However, first we need to understand the meaning of stress. In Sri Guru’s words, stress is a state of chemical imbalance, an unusually prolonged reaction by the body towards a situation wherein we are forced to choose between our ‘fight or flight response’. Students encounter exam stress, stress due to studies, results, career, peer pressure, etc., whereas a working individual may feel stressed about meeting work deadlines, mental pressure, workplace insecurity, competition, promotion etc. No matter which stage of life we are in, stress seems to be a recurring experience. Whether induced at the macro level by the ongoing pandemic, or born out of emotional pain at the subtlest levels of the mind, the experience of stress is as deep-rooted as it is widely prevalent. Yet it is dealt with in the most ineffective ways. While some people rely on stress-relief music to calm down and engage in physical activities like sports, some even drift towards alcohol and illicit drugs. The internet is full of content that claims to provide quick fixes to relieve stress. However, these provide only temporary relief from stress & anxiety, if at all.
Through this video, Sri Guru emphasizes on “getting stress right”, as She explores the notion of stress from a spiritual, psychological and neurological perspective.

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