मार्ग सुख-दुःख के मध्य में है | Neither in Pain, Nor Pleasure

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मार्ग सुख-दुःख के मध्य में है | Neither in Pain, Nor Pleasure

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June 8, 2022

Human Mind is a storehouse of numerous equations of pain and pleasure. It is these that govern all our life decisions. However, our mind is so crowded with these, that we often end up in a need to seek therapy to curb emotional pain and become stress-free. We invest all our life energy in finding a way out of pain, or chasing pleasure. Seldom do we realize that pain and pleasure are two faces of the same coin. The laws of duality ensure that the experiences of worldly pleasures are bound to convert into pain gradually. So, how to get out of pain? What is the best way to deal with pain?

सभी ज्ञानी पुरुषों ने सदा यही कहा है कि ‘सुख-दुःख से पार जाना सीखो, क्यूँकि वास्तविक आनंद व सत्य की अनुभूति का मार्ग मध्य में है’। इसे ही बुद्ध ने “मध्य मार्ग” (The Middle Path of Buddha) के रूप में प्रसारित किया है– भोग एवं त्याग से ऊपर उठकर, वैराग्य में स्वयं को स्थिर करना।

The correct way to rise above suffering is to rise above pain and pleasure, both. The true experiences of happiness lie neither in pain nor pleasure; the path is in the middle. The neutral path is beyond pain and pleasure.

Our brain is wired in a mystical manner, the precise hacks to decode which are with a Living Master. Through the science of the human brain, Sri Guru explains how to escape the loop of pain and pleasure our brain is trapped into, and raise our energies to experience the happiness and contentment within. Watch this video to rise above attachments and aversions, and become neutral in life!

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