भक्ति — ज्ञान का आधार | Vachanamrut #572

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भक्ति — ज्ञान का आधार | Vachanamrut #572

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May 28, 2022

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On the path of liberation, neither complete abstinence from all worldly affairs is the way to progress, nor full involvement in those actions. There needs to be a balance guided by the wisdom of ‘when to get involved in worldly affairs?’, ‘how much to get involved?’, and ‘when to step back?’. This state of detached-attachment (तीव्र ज्ञान दशा), however, requires the right set of experiences that can freeze the right knowledge in our mind and make the resulting right actions a default option. In the presence of an enlightened Master, and with the implementation of the path shown by them, this transformation becomes effortless.

Through the understanding of Vachanamrut 572, Sri Guru emphasises on the vitality of the aura of a living Master and the right contemplation to convert our vices into virtuous actions. Understanding the futility of our unnecessary actions limits the chase for happiness in the direction it can never be found, thus opening up the door for a blissful and conscious life.

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