निवृत्ति का अभ्यास | Make Time for Yourself

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निवृत्ति का अभ्यास | Make Time for Yourself

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May 15, 2022

Often in our daily routine, we find ourselves surrounded by worldly tasks and responsibilities. These can seem unavoidable, and they also consume a significant portion of our time — including the time we would dedicate towards Seva or to further our own spiritual progress. Being engrossed in such worldly tasks, one might begin to deviate from the spiritual path, long before they realise it. Such circumstances have been termed as Upaadhi Kaal. Thus, how to keep the flame of spirituality alive and burning when we’re occupied by worldly responsibilities? One might think that they need a long and elaborate ‘vacation’ to renew their slacking progress.

In this video, Sri Guru bursts that myth. Taking reference of Shrimadji’s Vachanamrut #199, the Master propounds upon need and significance of ‘Nivrutti’. The notion of Nivrutti is not just about taking time off from our tasks, rather it is about arranging our daily life in such a way that nurtures the experience of Self and strengthens our virtues. Nivrutti is not something that is meant just for aged people — it is essential for all seekers, no matter what stage of life they are currently in.

Download the Vachanamrut #199 PDF:

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