गुरु प्रेम की परम व्याख्या | Vachanamrut #213

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गुरु प्रेम की परम व्याख्या | Vachanamrut #213

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July 13, 2022

“Without Punya, contentment cannot arrive. And without a Guru, Punya cannot thrive.”

Shri Vachnamurt Ji-213 The above Vachan is one of the many pearls of wisdom from Vachanamrut #213, a letter written by Shrimadji to one of his closest disciples, Sh. Saubhagbhai. If Love for a Sadguru could ever be expressed in words, then this Vachanamrut is reverberating with such feelings. Watch Sri Guru guide us through each sentence of this Vachanamrut that abundantly reveres a Living Master and the exalted state in which they reside. Written to His closest disciples more than a century ago, Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji’s letters are revered as ‘Vachanamrut’ — words that are brimming with the divine nectar of wisdom. To His disciples then, and to the seekers of the current era, they have served as a treasure of invaluable teachings that have been invoked from His deepest experiences of introspection, contemplation, and Self-realisation.

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