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The Winning Painting

In an art class, a teacher organised a unique activity for the children. Two students were picked, and each of them had to create a painting within an hour. The twist was that the first student could borrow any colours and brushes from the class, while the second student had to collect specific items based on a predetermined list.

When the time was up, the teacher showed both paintings to the class and asked, “Which painting do you think is more beautiful?”

The entire class unanimously exclaimed, “The first one!” 

The reason was clear – the first student happily made use of the materials he could gather from his classmates, and had fun creating the painting. In contrast, the second student had been busy collecting items according to the list. That caused him stress, and he ultimately failed to finish the painting on time.

The teacher seized this moment to impart a meaningful lesson: we all get limited time to fill the canvas of our life. Some waste time gathering people and possessions according to their list of expectations, leaving their lives incomplete. Meanwhile, those who embrace whatever life offers, end up creating a beautiful painting.

It’s time to drop the list, grab the brush and start painting!

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  1. कृपा से जीवन की डोर ऐश्वर्य से भरे प्रत्यक्ष सदगुरु के हाथों में है। उनसे स्वरूप समझकर जीवन में मिलें वस्तु, व्यक्ति, परिस्थिति का स्वीकार कर सम्यक पुरुषार्थ हो रहा है।
    उनकी आज्ञा में हमारे चित्रफलक तैयार हो रहें हैं।
    अहो आश्चर्य श्री गुरु, अहो आश्चर्य!!!

  2. धन्यवाद श्री गुरु, हमें हर हफ्ते अनमोल शब्दों से भरने के लिए…
    अहो आश्चर्य श्री गुरु, अहो आश्चर्य!!!

  3. Pranam Sri Guru. I will try to do this thing, and not west my life in other futile things.

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