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SRM Celebrated 8 Days of Paryushan Parv 2022 with Utmost Joyfulness – Photos & Highlights

As a festival, the Paryushan Parv is often associated with dry ritualistic practices such as prolonged fasting and difficult Niyams (pledges for self-restraint). However, through this Paryushan Parv, Sri Guru helped us rise above the common perception yet another time. In Her Grace, SRM celebrated this pious festival in ways that seemed to restore its original grandeur and upheld its title of ‘Parvadhiraj’ – The King of all Festivals.

The Seva Sansthan Bhawan in Ashok Vihar, Delhi was dedicated as the venue, the same one where Sri Guru began the groundbreaking Satsang series on Sh. Bhagavad Gita. Starting from the 24th August, every day the seekers entered an ambiance of celebration and discipline filling every corner of the place. With a thoughtfully designed daily schedule, the venue had turned into a haven for cultivating inner-purity. 

Helping seekers to make the most of this time in Nivrutti, many had been blessed to stay at the Bhawan for the entirety of Paryushan, while numerous others were staying nearby. Each day at the Bhawan would commence with the morning YogaYog session, Dev Vandan and SwaRaj Kriya – performed collectively in the energised atmosphere of the main Satsang Hall.

This year, Sri Guru made two superbly interesting additions to the Dinacharya. Guided by the Master, experienced SRM Sadhaks undertook discourses on Nav Tattva (Nine Fundamental Truths) and Shrimad Rajchadraji’s Mokshmala. The former comprised insightful discussions (by Gautam Kamdar Prabhu & Anu Jain Prabhu) on the nine cosmic principles that govern our existence in this universe, namely,  Jeev, Ajeev, Paap, Punya, Aashrav, Bandh, Samvara, Nirjaraa and Moksha.

Followed by the Nav Tattva, seekers ventured deep into the lessons from Shrimadji’s Mokshmala, undertaken by Jayshree Khadkiwala Prabhu and Priya Gupta Prabhu. The Mokshmala is a collection of 108 texts (prose and poetry) written by Shrimadji at the age of sixteen and a half years, wherein He has embedded invaluable teachings on righteous conduct, introspection, spiritual upliftment, and much more.

This Paryushan Parv witnessed hundreds of Sadhaks joyously pledging for Upvaas and Ekasana Tapa. A dedicated SRM Team had made elaborate arrangements for all Tapasvis to do Ekasana. The underground Hall of the Bhawan was lit in the spirit of Seva, with many seekers who had pledged Upvaas selflessly serving the Ekasana Tapasvis!

Every part of the Dinacharya had an impactful purpose. In the early evening, seekers gathered for the daily Pranayam session, a 30-minute guided practice by Sneh Prabhu. It consisted of five rounds of yogic breathing (Panch Pranayama), to conserve and raise our Prana (life energies).

The refreshing Pranayama session was followed by one of the most anticipated sessions of the day – a special Quiz based on Shrimadji’s Padd given in the RajRatna Bhavaarth. Having well-defined teams, Quizmasters and a Jury, the daily quiz effortlessly compelled everyone to participate. Every day, seekers would been seen preparing, discussing, contemplating (and strategising) to score maximum points and receive prizes from the Master in the evening Satsang. The zeal and enthusiasm within seekers was nothing short of a spectacle! 

With the evening Satsangs, Sri Guru introduced the seekers to Veer Katha – inspiring stories from Lord Mahaveer’s life journey towards the exalted state of Tirthankara; and Shrimadji’s Nij Dosh Avlokan Kaavya, He Prabhu! He Prabhu!. The Master unveiled the unprecedented dimension of Prem (Oneness) embedded in the Kaavya. The journey from Gunas to Anand (Virtues to Bliss), and Dosh to Hosh (Vices to Awareness) that Sri Guru took us through uplifted everyone on their spiritual journey.

On 28th August, SRM observed its 10th Kshamapana Mahaparv, a meditation event that celebrates healing through forgiveness, with seekers coming from all over the world at the Shah Auditorium, Delhi. After an awakening explanation of how our Karma works, Sri Guru took the seekers deep down into a 1-hour long Meditation, flexing meditative power in all the beings, enveloping an aura that made forgiveness easy and blissful. It was amazing to see how a fully-packed auditorium was sitting in absolute silence for a meditation this long!

The soulful Bhaktis by the Bhakti team, and joining Sri Guru during daily Aarti of Maa Aadya Shakti, Veetraag Bhagwan, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Paramatma, Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji and Pratyaksh Sadguru Dev, filled all hearts with immense vibes of devotion. The concluding Bhavo Bhav Aarti after every Satsang made the determination to stay on the spiritual path and offer our time and energy for the Higher purpose envisioned by our Sadguru, even more firm!

On the morning of September 1, everyone joined Sri Guru for the Paarna Celebrations — commending all the seekers, old and young, who devotedly observed days and weeks of Upvaas as well as Ekasana Tapa in Guru’s Grace. The main Hall echoed the triumph of Sainyam over worldly pleasures, with admiration in everyone’s hearts matching the thunderous sound of their applause for all the blessed Tapasvis.

These 8 days of Paryushan Parv raised every seeker to a higher state of experience. Under Grace, these were the days of effortless detachment from the outside world and attachment to the Higher and Purer!

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