Raj Katha — Inspiring Stories from Shrimadji’s Life

The glorious life of Shrimad Rajchandraji is a testament to the virtues that ease a seeker’s journey of spiritual transformation. Shrimadji’s unparalleled Vairagya, purity of His inner state, depth of Wisdom, clarity of expression, sharp intellect, poetic mastery and compassion are just a few of many qualities that bejewelled his life. He attained in a span of 33 years what others take multiple lifetimes pursuing. With the ‘Raj Katha’ series, Sri Guru is inspiring us through short excerpts from various phases of Shrimadji’s life.

In Episode #1 of this series, Sri Guru shares a few instances from the early academic life of Shrimadji at His birthplace in Vavania (Gujarat), giving us a glimpse of His extraordinary qualities as a young child.

In Episode #2 of this series, Sri Guru narrates that solemn event from Shrimadji’s childhood, when at the young age of 7, He witnessed the “Jaati-Smaran Gyaan” — a divine glimpse into His past 900 births that sowed the seeds of Vairagya within Him.

In Episode #3 of this series, Sri Guru describes a unique connection between Shrimadji and Dharshibhai Sanghvi, a judge from Morbi (Gujarat). We learn how Shrimadji’s presence gradually transformed Dharshibhai from an admirer to a devotee.

In Episode #4 of Raj Katha, Sri Guru illustrates the numerous talents possessed by Shrimad Rajchandraji. The story fills us with wonder, not only at Shrimadji’s awe-inspiring Avdhaan-Shakti (the ability to simultaneously perform multiple tasks of different nature) but also the strength of His Vairagya when He resolved to let go of all the worldly fame that comes with such unparalleled talent.

The Episode #5 of Raj Katha series begins with Sri Guru telling us about the astonishing state of detachment of Shrimadji at the time of his marriage with Jhabakbai. Further, we learn how Juthabhai, the first Bhakt Ratna, grew to witness the beloved Sadguru Tatva in Shrimadji. This awe-inspiring story of love and devotion also recounts the Samagam of Shrimadji and Ugariben, Juthabhai’s spouse.

The Episode #6 of Raj Katha illustrates the auspicious moments that led to the union of Shrimadji with His disciples Shri Ambalal Bhai and Shri Lalluji Muni (later regarded as Laghuraj Swami). With great interest, Sri Guru describes how Shrimadji’s pious Samagam invoked the virtue of devotion within both Bhakt Ratnas.

Episode #7 of Raj Katha describes the mystic events that led to the pious union of Shrimad Rajchandraji and Bhakt Ratna Saubhag Bhai. Sri Guru narrates how their spiritual relationship blossomed through letters and years of intense Samagam, till Saubhag Bhai’s Samadhi Maran in 1897 AD. Notably, it was Saubhagbhai’s humble request that implored Shrimadji to unveil His divine composition of Sh. Atmasiddhi Shaastra, a poetic form of the “Letter of Six Fundamentals”. 

Episode #8 of Raj Katha narrates the exalted state Param Krupalu Dev in which He, at the age of 30, created Vairagya-filled composition of Apoorva Avsar Kaavya. In the same month of the year 1896 A.D. that witnessed the emergence of Sh. Atmasiddhi Shastra, Shrimadji wrote the verses of Apoorva Avsar, expressing a yearning for attaining that solemn state of Inner passion.

Episode #9 of Raj Katha, Sri Guru discusses the awe-inspiring story of Shrimadji’s Mudra (state of repose) that is evident on His Chitrapat. All throughout the world, it constantly serves as a beautiful medium of connection for every devotee walking on the Path illuminated by Him. Residing in a profound state of detachment, Shrimadji had long remained untouched by the desire for any kind of worldly acclaim or legacy. But, just for the spiritual welfare (Kalyan) of the future generation of seekers, He bestowed upon us a reminder of His Ananya Dasha (exalted state).

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