Sri Guru Consecrates New Temple House in Mumbai

January 14, 2023 was a day Vora family was looking to for many months. And a day Sri Guru was hoping for since 8 years! The moving passion of Megha Vora and the support of the entire Vora family unknowingly, but fortunately, lead to a magnificent life event – consecration of Temple House, a replica of Sri Guru’s Sadhana room at the Voras’ new residence.

Sri Guru has always been extremely selective when it comes to consecration. In past 5 years, this is only the second one she approved to. But when she does, it changes the family’s entire generation. Called as the Sthapna celebration, this life event is a dream of every seeker. Imagine a secluded room for your Sadhana, with all the deities of spiritual importance in presence, brought to life by a master who knows her way with the energies fundamental to the Sadhana process. It is everything a seeker needs (and far more than that) for a consistent evolution! And January 14 was the day this golden blessing was presented to the Vora family.

The Talk that Prepared All

Sthapna celebrations are often remarked by Bhakti team’s heart-touching notes, followed by a 15-minute talk by Sri Guru. This time the talk compared the to-be-consecrated deities to the 4 eminent entrances (dwaars). Such a comparison made an eye-opening impact on the audience as they understood a deeper dimension of consecration in a much simpler and relatable way.

The Descend of Energy

Towards the end of an eye-opening talk, everybody felt a powerful wave of energy—a glimpse of what Sri Guru was preparing within her for the auspicious moments of Sthapna. As the time approached, amidst an invigorating chant, Sri Guru initiated the ceremony and the Voras carried all the deities to the newly built Temple Room in their house.

With just 25 family members around, and an air of reverberating energies, Sri Guru swiftly carried out her ritual and the deities were consecrated. The boundless joy and reverence glowed through everyone’s faces! With every breath they could feel an inexpressible bliss. Settling to a great satisfaction the members sprang into the Garba bhakti until everyone was exhausted, yet over-flowingly happy.

8 years of inspiring devotion was venerated with a majestic life-event, a Sthapna that would change their rest of lives. For divine good!

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