4 Reasons That Tell You it’s Time to Meditate

Around the world, the term ‘meditation’ has gained global familiarity. Be it stress relief, boosting concentration, inducing relaxation, or mental well-being — meditation is believed to be the solution. But amidst all the buzz, how do you really decide that it’s time for you to meditate?

Meditation has been taught as an essential practice across multiple cultures. Thanks to the scientific community, which has popularised some of its merits, the age-old practice of meditation now enjoys global familiarity. Although most people assume it is only for improving concentration or relieving stress, meditation offers a lot more. 

Sri Guru says that only with the actual plunge into meditation can its many benefits be known and experienced.

So, when do you know you are ready for this plunge?

1. If you are feeling unhappy despite all the comforts in life.

We tend to seek happiness in the comforts and pleasures of life. Be it an air-conditioned room on a bright sunny day or a closet overflowing with new clothes — we accumulate comforts in our quest to be happy. Despite this affluence of comforts, if you feel an undercurrent of unhappiness then that is your signal to meditate. Happiness is a state of existence, not a byproduct of comforts or pleasures. The practice of meditation brings you that experience of happiness.

2. If you are living with a void that never fills up.

Have you ever felt a pit inside you that never seems to fill up despite all your efforts? You may have everything one can dream of, but you still look for something to feel fulfilled. It seems that the more you try, the less fulfilled you feel. All your attempts so far have been to do something on the outside. But what if you were to fill that void from the inside? Let this be your call for meditation.

3. If you don’t know where to use your excess energy.

At times, you may experience a burst of energy within you. However, you may not know how to channel it. You can then turn to meditation to put that energy to good use. Through meditation, you conserve your energy and use it not only for holistic growth of self, but also to uplift humanity at large.

4. If you are questioning the purpose of life.

One may think that a successful career or a happy family is the purpose of life. However, these are only small stages or roles of life and not the purpose. If you start to wonder if there is more to life or if there is a higher purpose for you, then consider this the right time for you to meditate. 

It is in meditation that God talks to you through your intuition. Intuition guides you toward your higher calling. And, it helps you rise above your limited roles to find refuge in the Higher order.

Meditation makes your inner voice louder.

Sri Guru
Meditate together at a Dhyan Sangha near you

Dhyan Sangha is a small gathering of meditators which enables quality meditation time for them under the guidance by Sri Guru. With over 82 centres globally, Dhyan Sangha is an ideal initiative for those who want to start or be consistent with Meditation.

Every Dhyan Sangha experience is directed by Sri Guru for optimal sincerity and discipline required to learn and practice Meditations. These meets are limited to 10-20 members only which gives meditators enough space to experience and opportunity to interact meaningfully.

Explore this list of Dhyan Sangha Centres and connect with your nearest centre to know more. If you need help, connect to SRM Helpline (+91-709-8888-388).

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  8. Yes I need meditation for my next life be batter as sri g uru said 🙏

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