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Celebrating the Guru Tattva | Guru Poornima 2022

No matter how much we try and whatever ways we try, all words and expressions seem inadequate to convey a Guru’s countless blessings. Yet, a disciple never ceases to express gratitude towards their Master.  This is why our Indian culture celebrates the glorious occasion of Guru Poornima – a day envisaged by our Yogis and devoted to the entire Guru Parampara. In sync with this auspicious tradition, seekers at SRM gathered on 9th July 2022 from all over the world, at the Sathya Sai Auditorium, New Delhi to celebrate the presence of Guru Tattva in their lives.

Grateful for the multi-dimensional transformation visible in their lives, people young and old, shared their feelings through speeches, cards, bouquets, soulful Bhaktis, skits, and Nritya Bhaktis. Every dedication, every performance radiated their Love and devotion towards their Guru.

The event also featured many exciting launches as a gift by Sri Guru to all the seekers. Prarthana Dhun, YogaYog 2.0, RajRatna Bhavaarth, Dhyan Sangha (26 new centres launched) – every blessing aims at nurturing the seeds of inner-refining within more and more people and keeping every seeker motivated on the spiritual path.

Post the dedications by seekers, everyone joined Sri Guru and all the SwaRaj Kriya Leaders (Sri Guru’s extended hands) for the magnificent Guru Aarti. The divine aura filled the hearts of everyone present with immense Love and gratitude towards their Guru.

Guru’s compassion to uplift the seekers from their current state into a higher state of consciousness far outweighs the gratitude that reverberates within the seekers. Thus, like every year on Guru Poornima, the seekers were blessed with the pious Sri Guru Prasadam – a Rudraksha energized by Sri Guru Herself!

The next morning, in the 6th Satsang on Patanjali Yog Sutra, Sri Guru furthered the pious stream of Guru-Mahima. With the spirit of last evening’s celebration still echoing in their hearts, the seekers witnessed the Master explain how a Guru serves as Path-Paathey-Poornata — the Path, the guiding light as well as the pinnacle of inner purity. With various mind-awakening metaphors, She described the mystical state in which a Guru resides, leaving everyone in awe and compelling them to refine the lens with which they perceive a Guru-Tattva.

Guru is that catalyst without whom the process of transformation cannot commence. We cannot do enough to repay what we have received from them. Nevertheless, on this pious occasion of Guru Poornima, let us pledge to raise the Love for our Guru and follow their path with utmost sincerity!

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