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A Home Transforms into a Temple as Sri Guru Renders the First Sthapna in 3 Years!

The 3 year-long wait finally ended (in a magnificent way) on the evening of May 1, 2022 — the day of pious Sthapna Mahotsav at SRM’s first Temple House! Situated in Beaumont, Texas, the Temple House hosts an array of activities to deliver inner experiences to seekers in the USA. With this Sthapna, Sri Guru opens up a new chapter for the enthusiastic souls and consecrates a space of divinity for the ready seekers!

Time and again, Sri Guru has commended the US-Canada seekers for all the heartwarming ways in which they express their Bhakti Bhaav. At the Sthapna Mahotsav too, it was strikingly apparent. Singing, clapping, and jubilantly dancing to the tunes of Garba, all the seekers rejoiced as their beloved Guru graced the Temple House premises.

The Sthapna celebrations proceeded with Deep-Prajwalan, which symbolises Ma Aadya Shakti — a longstanding ritual before commencing every pious endeavor at SRM. Following the Deep-Prajwalan, the Bhakti Team dedicated a pre-recorded medley of heart-touching renditions, creating just the right ambience for everyone to enter into the Sthapna Vidhi.

Amidst reverberating chants, Sri Guru consecrated the Chitrapat of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji as well as the idols of Ma Aadya Shakti, Veetraag Parmatma and Yogeshwar Shri Krishna. The eyes of seekers were visibly moistened with gratitude and reverence, as the Master undertook the entire process of Sthapna Vidhi, concluding with the Sadguru Aarti.

Thereafter, the seekers again joined in Nritya Bhakti, for the joy of being in their Guru’s aura couldn’t be contained even after the Sthapna had concluded. Their faces, and the sheer energy in their dance ― it all proved that the tides of the time may have risen and fallen multiple times these past years, but their faith and devotion towards their Master continue to remain unshaken!

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  1. *Temple House Sthapana* ki khoob khoob subh bhavnae SRI GURU 🙏🌹

  2. Feeling elevated being part of S R M….expending globally..jai Krupadu

  3. Jay krupaludev interested to be part of the krupaludev

  4. Jay krupaludev i am interested to learn from patanjali sutra

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