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Shivratri — A Night that pushes us deeper into Sadhana

Shiva and the Creation of Everything

We all have wondered about the origin of the world we live in, and the reason of our existence. Hinduism has addressed and answered these questions through numerous mythological stories. These stories tell us that the entire creation that holds the universe came into existence from the Big Bang ­­­­­­­­­­­­– a cosmic explosion of gigantic proportions. Before the Big Bang, there was an endless space of nothingness. In other words, before there was light, there was endless darkness reverberating with pure un-manifested energies. Our yogic culture refers the Big Bang that birthed the innumerable galaxies, stars and planets in the universe, as Shiva. All Creation is propounded to be a manifestation of the same primordial energy.

What is Shivratri?

As human beings, we are blessed with a unique ability to receive these energies, owing to the Chakras and Kendras (energy centers) in our spine. Shivratri, or the Night of Shiva, is considered as highly conducive to take the experience of those cosmic energies to new heights. It is an auspicious event that occurs on the darkest night of the month, just before Amavasya (new moon). On this night, between 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM, the moon aligns itself in such a way that it is directly above us (though it remains completely hidden), while the sun is beneath. This special alignment leads to a natural upsurge of energies and increases their receptivity in the human system.

Thus, practicing yogic meditation techniques on the night of Shivratri is a remarkable way to utilize these heightened energies and raise our level of Sadhana.

Shivratri Calendar 2022 | Sri Guru | SRM Delhi
Shivratri Calendar for the year 2022 | SRM Delhi

Download the Shivratri Meditation guided by Sri Guru: Click Here»

If you are a SwaRaj Kriya holder, you can find its audio track in your SwaRaj Kriya App.

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