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The Ever-expanding Importance of SwaRaj Kriya – Sangam Meet, Mumbai

On 12th December 2021, SRM organized the second Sangam Meet in Mumbai, organized for all SwaRaj Kriya holders in the western India. In addition to listening to the seekers’ experiences, Sri Guru gave several invaluable points of clarity on SwaRaj Kriya.

Key Takeaways

If Satsang makes the body of a seeker’s journey, then the SwaRaj Kriya is its beating Heart..!

Sri Guru
The Value of SwaRaj Kriya:
  • The SwaRaj Kriya is the Master Meditation for every disciple at SRM. It is devised by a Pratyaksh Sadguru, it has their constant presence, and it can lead us to experience the Param Guru within.
  • Having emerged in the Grace of Ma Aadya Shakti, the Kriya is the fastest known vehicle to traverse the path of Liberation – like an airlift. Thus, it is the beating heart, the most significant element in a seeker’s journey. These words reverberated within us throughout the event, constantly invoking a feeling of how blessed we all are!
  • It took millions of years to evolve into the human beings we are today. But it takes just one lifetime of absolute surrendership and consistent meditation practice to experience the God within.
  • Satsang refines our belief system, while Sadhana enables us to turn that belief into reality. When we embrace the Kriya with the right intention, it accelerates our journey of transformation. Hence, the Master repeatedly quotes: Attention energizes, Intention transforms..!
3 Steps to be Sincere in the Practice of Kriya:

SwaRaj Kriya is a medium that offers limitless possibilities of transformation. To make the most of it, Sri Guru gave us these 3 crucial steps:

  1. Bhakti Bhaav: Before entering into the Kriya, we must fill ourselves with gratitude and reverence towards Ma Adya Shakti, Veetraag Parmatma, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna, Param Krupadu Dev and our Sadguru. Their collective presence is what fuels our spiritual progress.
  2. Samarpan Bhaav: Sri Guru’s presence is there throughout the Kriya. Thus, while performing the Kriya, have complete Samarpan and Ekagrata (surrendership and attention).
  3. Sthir Bhaav: After the Kriya, make a habit of sitting in Sthirtaa (stillness) for a few minutes. It really helps to freeze your experience and fills you with abundant energies, which you can share with others!
Significance of Sangha

Sri Guru highlighted the need for Sangha i.e. a community of right-minded seekers. When we embrace such a community that is blossoming under the Guru’s aura, it helps us enrich our connection with the Higher, even if we are miles away. It also helps in keeping each other uplifted on the path. With a Guru’s guidance, a Sangha truly becomes a medium of mass transformation.

Having elevated our Bhaav for the Kriya and the path, Sri Guru guided us into an hour-long session of YogaYog and Meditation, which dissolved the stubborn energy blocks in our body and channelized the energy to experience deep contentment and peace. In every aspect, the Sangam Meet was an occasion to be together with Self, and to elevate it to a state of higher energy, in the Divine aura of Sri Guru.

Compiled by Tanvi Vora Prabhu


For sincere seekers, Sri Guru has introduced the SwaRaj Kriya Course—a prerequisite to obtain the Kriya. It is a comprehensive collection of online video tutorials & articles designed to give in-depth clarity about the purpose, process and practice of SwaRaj Kriya. To obtain the SwaRaj Kriya To know the steps about enrolling in the Course, connect to SRM Helpline (+91-7098888388)

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  1. SwaRaj Kriya is precious gift for seekers. I experience that how I feel Change in my self.

  2. Jai kripalu
    It’s a wonderful and feeling of the truth soul flowing inside the body with the SwaRaj Kriya our Sadguru gave us as the valuables prasad in free funds,How lucky we are . So many points to remember all the time I have no words to say back only Thanks and Thanks again and again
    Love You a lot millions kilos ❤️❤️🌹🙌🏽

  3. Wonder ful journey by the meditation

  4. My self Rajnish Chauhan, I’m from mumbai but belongs to IDAR, after watching some vedio ben prabhu it’s trmendeous expeiriance.
    therefor i would iike to meet ben prabhu for darshan and how it is possible?

    Rajnish Chauhan(Mumbai)

    1. Please contact SRM Helpline Number at 7098888388

      1. Always like
        Inspired me Always
        Blessings for me

  5. Want to enrol for Swaraj kriya

    1. Please contact Gautam Prabhu at – +91-9582220555.
      For more details visit page : https://srmdelhi.org/swaraj-kriya/

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