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Sangam Meet – Celebrating the Seekers’ Transformation through SwaRaj Kriya

With the grace of the Divine and our beloved Sri Guru, SRM Delhi launched Sangam — the first-ever event dedicated for all SwaRaj Kriya holders. Here are the key highlights:

  • Seekers from Delhi-NCR gathered for the foremost Sangam Meet organised in four sessions between 2nd and 3rd October, 2021.
  • As is evident from the name, the event served as a catalyst for every seeker to dive deep into the experiences of Self and raise their consciousness to a higher level. Over an hour of YogaYog and meditation seemed like an effortless ride, when performed in under the guidance of our Sadguru! A perfect blend of static and dynamic meditation helped in getting rid of the energy blocks present within. The subtle effects of conscious breathing aided in enhancing and expanding the energy body, the inner realms of Chakras & Kendras, and the spinal pathway.
  • Before entering into the meditation practice, seekers were encouraged to share their experiences of transformation through SwaRaj Kriya or ask questions, which Sri Guru would personally answer.
  • Physical well-being, mental clarity, renewed positivity in attitude, improved Vivek & decision-making, lesser tendency to indulge in fear & anger, a refined outlook at Life — these are just a few of a diverse set of experiences shared by seekers. Listening to it was in itself so elevating. And it filled everyone with immense faith and gratitude towards the the invaluable medium of SwaRaj Kriya.
  • It also strengthened our respect for the SwaRaj Kriya Group leaders – the extended hands of Sri Guru – who have diligently guided all seekers throughout their Sadhana.
  • As Sri Guru rightly said, Sangam gives us an opportunity to “upgrade” ourselves and remove all sorts of obstructions within. The event can be rightly regarded as a stepping-stone for every seeker to rise to a higher state of experience!

    Compiled by Avni Goel Prabhu

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