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The Five Essentials of Seva Every Seeker Should Know

Seva, or selfless service, is undoubtedly a major building block for any sect, spiritual organization and society at large. At SRM also, it is regarded as one of the four fundamental pillars, the other three being Prem (Love), Sainyam (Discipline) and Sadhana.

Sri Guru has always emphasized on having clarity in everything we do. Thus, by having clarity of its various aspects, we can dedicate Seva more effectively. Here are 5 important characteristics for evolving in Seva:

Mamta (Affection)

Firstly, we should be sincere and full of love towards the Seva we are performing. It should not feel stressful or like an obligation. Secondly, Seva should be done with a mindset that everyone being served is our own. The sense of responsibility and affection we have towards our own family & friends, that same feeling should be there for everyone we serve.

Samta (Impartiality)

Having an internal prejudice or bias prevents us from evolving in Seva, be it against our fellow seekers or the people we are serving. Thus, keeping an impartial mind is essential. The way we speak and behave with others should reflect the goodness within.

Kshamta (Capability) 

Impulsively taking up a task that is too far beyond our potential, leads to discontentment and frustration. The Seva we opt for should match with our capabilities, so that we can perform it earnestly. Having said that, one should always strive to learn and expand their skills to contribute more and more.

Namrata (Humility)

Every Seva brings with itself certain notional powers and status. If we are not mindful, this can easily pollute our mind. One might develop arrogance or pride, which would defeat the purpose of Seva, that is, becoming selfless. Thus, cultivating a sense of humility is important for every seeker. And it should grow as we become more involved. Humility brings refinement in our personality and our way of communicating with others, while arrogance makes us rigid and stubborn, thus breeding vices like rudeness and anger.

Sahishnuta (Tolerance & Acceptance)

Oftentimes while performing Seva, the task we get is meant to be completed as a team. This means working with people having varying opinions, mindset, age and cultural backgrounds. Thus, we should learn to expand our bandwidth so as to mentally accommodate such diversity. Letting go of trivial matters and small difference of opinions, resolving minor conflicts sensibly, having empathy while communicating — these attributes of Sahishnuta help build the endurance for Seva.

These essential characteristics explained by Sri Guru can serve as stepping stones to spiritual elevation. And inculcating them in our Seva truly sets us upon the path of selfless-returning.

Seva offered with the right perspective and intensity, transforms into love. And that love furthers our communion with God.

— Sri Guru

Derived from Dhammapad Satsang #22 by Sri Guru

Know more about why Seva is regarded as one of the foundational pillars at SRM. Read Sri Guru’s Samadhan Prakash: Click Here

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  1. Joy Shree guru

  2. Jai Kripalu Prabhu,

    When we pursue Seva with these bhaavs of Oneness, Oneness opens its doors further to enhance these Seva qualities further.

    Thus we evolve at multifolds levels with depth in each Seva Sanyam Sadhna and PREM. And when this happens multiple times we move to Centre i.e. dissolution of Self.

  3. Jai Sri guruver Kay Sri charno may naman Vandana 🏞

  4. Pls send me all the details of events so I’ll be connected by Divine Grace

    1. Please contact SRM Helpline Number at +91 70988 88388 or visit for more details.

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