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How to Find Your Guru?

The life and teachings of enlightened beings such as Lord Buddha, Lord Mahaveer, Guru Nanak Dev, Shrimad Rajchandraji are well articulated in our cultural history. They have preserved the essence of spirituality, redeemed the masses from ignorance, blind belief, and religious superstition, and unveiled ways to attain salvation. Their immense compassion, wisdom, and experience have helped people realize the purpose of this human life and all its possibilities, owing to the Guru-Disciple tradition that has flourished through the centuries. 

But today, in a world where self-realized beings are far less prevalent and the society is drifting away from spirituality & religion, that glorious tradition seems to be fading. Discovering a Guru in modern times is more challenging than ever. So, how does one commit to a Guru’s discipleship in such an atmosphere?

Mindset before seeking a Guru:

Needless to say, if you are someone who is seeking a Guru’s guidance, then you are at least a bit different from the herd of people who have spent life after life without ever having such a yearning. 

  • You see the futility, at some level, in this materialistic world and your worldly ambitions & desires.
  • You feel discontented with the quick fixes that are provided by a rising number of motivational speakers, influential orators, and sectarian leaders claiming to resolve your life’s challenges. You feel the need for something more profound than such diluted knowledge.
  • You have an inner calling that is still unanswered.
  • You pray to God for a more comprehensive path that can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Identifying a Guru: 

One may come to the Master to become a pupil, but it is the Master who molds the disciple out of them.

Sri Guru

Here are four distinct levels that you encounter, before finally embracing the Guru’s discipleship: 

1. Prashansa

When you first arrive in a Guru’s presence, you feel a sense of wonder and praise (Prashansa). You are drawn towards them, be it for their healing aura, the clarity in their words, the depth in their knowledge, or even the smile on their face.

2. Pramod

After being around the Guru for some time, you fill with a sense of elation and adoration (Pramod) towards them. You start wishing for the same perspective, inner purity, selflessness, joy and so many other beautiful qualities that reside within the Guru. 

3. Pranaam

As you move a little further on the Guru’s path, as you grow closer to them, you begin feeling a sense of reverence (Pranaam) towards their reposeful state of being. You find yourself instinctively joining hands or bowing in respect & veneration, whenever you see them. The way you look up to them is different from any worldly relationship you have.

4. Parivartan

A few steps further, you start experiencing a sense of transformation (Parivartan) in your thinking, speech, physical disposition, and the way you act. With the Guru’s guidance, you see yourself becoming better than you were a week, a month, or a year ago. Gradually, this transformation becomes effortless. This is that extraordinary point when you have found your Master!

Sri Guru highlights these four identifying factors in this video:

Having experienced these four invocations of Prashansa, Pramod, Pranaam, and Parivartan, you are now ready to begin your journey in a Guru’s presence…

Compiled by Avneesh Prabhu

Bliss of Wisdom is a blog for seekers who are in search of their real Self. It is published by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi – a spiritual revolutionary movement founded by Sri Guru. She is a spiritual Master who has transformed innumerable lives through her logical explanations and effective meditation techniques. To know more, visit

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