How to remain connected in Guru’s absence?

We all eagerly await our Guru’s live Samagam, which has been limited due to the ongoing pandemic. But why let these short-lived discomforts weaken us? Let us take this as an opportunity to strengthen our connection with Higher!   

All that we as seekers experience in a Guru’s live presence, be it joy, clarity, tranquility, awareness, Vairagya, contentment – all these are invoked because we are amidst the field of vibrations of a being who resides at a higher state of energy. Just as a piece of iron gets temporarily ‘magnetized’ when placed closer to a strong magnet, the Guru’s magnetism of purity and serenity induces the same within us. These experiences are far more uplifting than any other worldly satisfaction we might have had in our lives. But even the truly dedicated seekers know that when they leave Guru’s presence and return to their worldly matters, those intense experiences begin to weaken with time. Why this happens is not a great mystery. Move the iron piece away from a magnet’s field of influence, and it would eventually lose its induced magnetism. In the same way, we feel a certain void as well, one that can only be filled by being with our Guru. But despite our devotion, in times as challenging as these, having the joy of being in that elevating presence has been limited for so many of us. 

So how do we uphold our connection with Higher and maintain that level of energy?

In a Guru’s absence, there are two factors that help us maintain this bond – Satsang and Sanyam (Discipline). With the convenience of technology, watching Satsang online has certainly become easier. But despite that ease of access, one can only watch and contemplate for so many hours in a day. This is why embracing Sanyam has so much importance, because it is a practice that we can espouse continuously for a much longer period. To motivate us, Sri Guru also reminds us about one of Param Krupadu Dev’s dearest disciples – Shri Ambalal Bhai. Every time he would take leave from Shrimadji’s Samagam to return home, Ambalal Bhai would commit to some form of Niyam or discipline by consciously giving up either an object or a habit that he cherished the most. And he would remain sincere to it for the entire time, till he’d meet Shrimadji again. Such was his dedication that kept his connection alive and vibrant! 

Watch Sri Guru’s answer to this question.

Taking inspiration from Shri Ambalal Bhai, we as seekers can (and should) also embrace certain disciplines that keep us connected with our Living Master in Her temporary absence. We may decide among many practices, as Sri Guru suggests, such as giving up the tendency that drains our energy the most, forgoing a certain habit that reduces our awareness, entering into silence for a few hours daily, etc.

Granted that it may not feel as effortless as being in a Guru’s live aura, these self-committed practices will definitely help us keep the flame of our faith burning, till we have the fortune of meeting our beloved Master!

Compiled by Avneesh Shisodia

Bliss of Wisdom is a blog for seekers who are in search of their real self. It is published by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi – a spiritual revolutionary movement founded by Sri Guru. She is a spiritual Master who has transformed innumerable lives through her logical explanations and effective meditation techniques. To know more visit


  1. Jai krupadu Sri GURU ji,
    Thankyou for continuous showers of bliss in different ways. Param thankyou for giving us unique tools to connect with you through Sanyam and Satsang,most importantly Niyam.
    Thankyou is very less ,we need to discover new word to Thankyou for your flowing krupa

  2. Partayash satsung is definitely an uplifting in Shri Guru aura.

  3. Really nice 👍

  4. Shukriya prbhu

  5. Thanks shriguru and Avneesh Prabhu your article refreshed the sanyam bhaav . I am in the process of undergoing in sanyam . Vowed to be vegan until online samagam.
    I can feel increased level of energies.
    These anuvrats will strengthen our mind power.

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