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Story — Importance of Following a Single Path

Our culture is enriched with the presence of several spiritual masters and saints who have had their own ways and methods to guide us towards the same eternal truth. Thus, as seekers we have several paths to begin our journey of transformation. However, given such diversity, Sri Guru says that we should only follow the path given by our living Master. Why is this important? Sri Guru explains this through a story:

In a small village, there once lived a man who’d perform religious rituals with great passion. One day, a famous sage came to stay in the village. Being a follower of Advaita Vedanta, the Non-dual nature of God, the sage believed that God and soul are one, that everything is in God and God is in everything. During the four months he stayed in the village, this man went to attend the sage’s discourse and was quite persuaded with what he was teaching. When it was time for the sage to leave the village, the man implored him to give some mantra (chants) for his spiritual progress. Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, the sage gave him the mantra of SoHum meaning ‘I am That’, ‘I and God are the same’. Delighted, the man religiously recited “SoHum, SoHum…” for the following eight months.

After eight months, another group of sages arrived in the village. Unlike the previous sage, these were ardent believers of Dvaita, or Duality. They propounded that God and soul are separate, that soul can never attain the purest nature of God but can become His Das, that is, a humble servant. Intrigued by their philosophy, this man began to attend their discourse as well. Eventually, he grew to believe what they preached – how could I ever become God when there are so many vices within me! Like this, four months passed and the group of sages decided to depart. As they were leaving, the man approached them and recounted how he’d been following the Advaita philosophy and practicing the chant of SoHum. But now that his mind was inclined towards duality, he was confused as to what he should do. So the sages asked him to make a small change to the chant of SoHum by adding a prefix ‘Da’. Agreeing to their opinion, the man now adopted the mantra of DasoHum – ‘I am the servant of God’. He recited it every day for eight months, although he wasn’t as happy as he was with the first Mantra.

Eight months passed and another group of sages came to the village, who believed in ‘Oneness of God’. And just like before, the man got influenced by their teachings. Abandoning the notion of servitude of God, he now embraced the belief that everyone is their own master, as all are God. So when he sought the sages’ counsel, they made another addition to his existing mantra. Now it became Sada SoHum – ‘forever I am that eternal God’. As usual, he practiced this mantra every day. But as it turned out, the believers of Dvaita philosophy returned to the village after eight months. And thus, driven by his wavering nature, the man’s dwindling belief in non-duality of God again flipped to Duality. Before leaving, the Dvaita sages again made an addition to his mantra, now turning it into Das-DasoHum, which implied that ‘Along with God, I am also a servant of Guru and all of God’s creations.’

Just imagine his mental state after receiving four different Mantras one after another! But, by the grace of God, he came to his senses and realized how his mindless thirst to accumulate dry knowledge from multiple sources did nothing but mislead him. And thus, he returned to the first Mantra he received, giving up the other three.

Migrating from one avenue of knowledge to another is like stepping on multiple boats at once – we are bound to drown in confusion and reach nowhere.

The underlying moral of this story is simple: By jumping from one avenue to another, we might gather large caches of knowledge. But instead of liberating us, it will bind us into severe conflicts and lead us even further away from our real purpose – the experience of Self. The One path illuminated by a Guru embodies timeless wisdom that is reinforced by deep spiritual experiences. It is absolute in nature and adequate in its power to transform. Once we learn to embrace this path, the urge to seek other avenues will soon fade away.

— Derived from Bhagavad Gita Satsang #68 by Sri Guru

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  1. Jai krupadu ,
    एक प्रत्यक्ष सद्गुरु ही हमें सही जीने का ढंग बता सकते हैं, हमें अगाध श्रद्धा,अपार प्रेम और संपूर्ण समर्पण करना होगा जो हमे सही दिशा दिखाकर आंतरिक शुद्धि का अपूर्व कार्य करके अद्वैत कि अनुभूति करा सकता है,

  2. True eye openers for all sadhaks … Thank you Prabhu for holding us and never letting us fall… Through stories understanding gets better and things get deep into us … Lovely story showing all the four mantras (soham, dasoham, sadasoham and dasdasoham) all are correct but the sadhak will never be able to reach his inner self Or God …always reminds me of Srimadji saying ‘dusra kuch sodh nahi, sodh ek satpurus ko, raji rahe agya unhiki, prem se bhar hriday ko, toh bhi moksh jo na mile toh, khojna is daas ko ‘ …
    Pratyaksh sadgurudev hamme param priya hai 🙏🙏

  3. Jai Kripalu Prabhu ,vandan in the lotus feet of Sri Guru ,Thankyou so much Prabhu for always enlightening our path,it is the nature of our mind that always wavers and we tend to leave our focus ,thanks to Guru’s presence ,thanks to Guru’s grace that we never wander 🙏🙏

  4. Thank you Sri Guru in explaining us the meanings & interpretations of same Eternal Truth of four main Darshans. You taught us the right path & Parmarth agna that is transforming our lives.

  5. Jai Krupadu..Prabhu…
    Wonderful knowledge Sharing story….While this is the reality of current Scenario…its so difficult for person to choose the right spiritual path…where all paths are or may be correct in their own virtue…..and eventually the question still remains the same…

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