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Antidotes to Stress & Anxiety

We have been gifted with the most sophisticated instrument on this planet – the human brain. If we use our brain to its full potential, the possibilities are limitless. But most of us use this Ferrari like a bicycle by constantly overthinking and worrying about the past or the future. How do we regain control of our brain and save ourselves from repeatedly crashing into stress and anxiety?

Reprogramming Our Brain

If we look back into our lives and connect the dots, we will notice that, more often than not, the situations that troubled us the most did not turn out anything like our worst nightmares. And even if the outcome seemed unfavorable at the time, the ensuing path that our life took ultimately led to something beautiful that we had never dreamt of. Thus, whenever we find ourselves stressed out or worrying too much, we should take a pause and remind ourselves of the futility of our past worries. This will help induce peace and calm, while simultaneously reprogramming our brain to think differently.

Watch Sri Guru explain this technique in this short video.

Changing How We Perceive a Situation

Sri Guru often says, that whenever you encounter a difficult situation, consciously try to perceive it as a challenge rather than a problem. A simple affirmation like this tells our mind that this situation is not here to inconvenience us, rather teach us a valuable lesson. By perceiving a situation like a challenge, we allow ourselves the time to find the right way to respond, rather than reacting stressfully.

Have F.A.I.T.H. (Face Anything In Trusting HIM)

Surrendering to the divine Cosmic Energy is the most powerful way to overcome all our worries. The Superpower that is running our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and billions of other galaxies, can surely handle whatever it is that we are worrying about, as long as we do our part and execute things under our control to the best of our abilities. Faith isn’t a blind reassurance that we will get everything we desire. It is a deep and meaningful belief in a Higher power that is constantly inspiring us to rise above our circumstances and see the possibility of success instead of the dark uncertainties along the way. The stronger our faith, the lesser is the influence of obstacles on our mind.

Watch Sri Guru’s beautiful explanation of this Cosmic Law in this short video.

Slowly, but surely, these techniques can help us wrestle our brain back from the clutches of stress and anxiety, enabling us to use it fully for exploring the higher and blissful dimensions of life.

Written & dedicated by Ankit Dwivedi

Bliss of Wisdom is a blog for seekers who are in search of their real self. It is published by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi – a spiritual revolutionary movement founded by Sri Guru. She is a spiritual Master who has transformed innumerable lives through her logical explanations and effective meditation techniques. To know more visit

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