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Introducing YogaYog – Combining Yoga & Meditation

YogaYog with Sri Guru

On 21st Feb 2021, Sri Guru introduced a new kind of Yoga in SRM — the YogaYog, combining Yoga exercises and Meditation together. The aim of YogaYog is to enable free-flow of the body’s dormant energies through Yoga-asanas and then make use of it for Meditation.

Though it started in a small group during the Himalayan Retreat, it flagged off as a mass event at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, Delhi. Sri Guru rightly said in the beginning, “At SRM, we have Satsang for elevating mind, Meditations for energies, Bhakti for the heart, and now YogaYog for the physical fitness required for the Sadhana!”

Following the first YogaYog session, it was announced that SRM will organise YogaYog every month from now on! Upcoming dates will be published soon.

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  1. I would like to joint yoga yoga. I love to know.

  2. Your contributions to uplift the mankind are second to none.

  3. Prabuh It’s amazing I hope this Yoga yog we can see live

  4. Amazing…….
    I wish I could b a part of it.

  5. That truly is the way to go prabhu . We are delighted at your overall look to reach ourselves through Mind Body and transcend all gradually . Wonderful endeavors!

  6. Prabhu it’s really wonderful. Please make it live.
    Thank you Prabhu.

  7. I will like to join yoga

  8. It was a wonderful experience , would like to experience it again and again !!

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