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Environment is stronger than will power

Youth with Sri Guru

Recently, while talking to the youth in a Himalayan retreat, I asked them that if they really like Yoga so much, then why not be consistent?

Most of the answers were that we really love to do it, but we forget once we are back in town. The will is strong, but something still comes in between.

Someone rightly said – Our environment is stronger than our will.

Even with an extremely strong desire or will power to do something, our Environment – the people around us, our arrangement of life, our choices – these things will always try to keep us in inertia. The noise of environment will always fade the call of will.


Try to arrange your environment as per your will. Choose carefully. You cannot accommodate everything and everyone. Be selective. Rethink – that whether this set of people or this workplace actually ignites your will? Or resists it?

When my inner voice roared within me, I re-arranged my life – woke up early, skipped social circles and made a clear time to explore that voice. Without that rearrangement, I don’t think anybody can get time as it is. Slowly, people around me respected my need of time to meditate. Over the years, my life adjusted itself in such a way that now my entire day is planned around my meditation time. I am in sync with my environment. But initially, it was an effort.

One (strong) suggestion – you need not accept all invitations! Friends, family, job, first circle, second circle, neighbours… Environment will do its best to keep you engaged, pushing you in self-guilt. That’s why stop pleasing everyone. Once you filter these invitations, your environment will re-frame itself to suit your goals.

“Your inner calling is more important.
Create an environment that works for it, not against it.”

(That’s why Sangha is important.)

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