श्री अमूल्य तत्त्व विचार

Amoolya Tattva Vichaar, originally written in Gujarati by Shrimad Rajchandra Ji, is a sacred poem which puts forward existential questions that every human should think about. Authored by Shrimadji at the young age of 16 years, this Kaavya is a powerful tool for any seeker. Translated in Hindi by Sri Guru.

बहु पुण्य पुंज प्रसंग से, शुभ देह मानव का मिला
तो भी अरे भवचक्र का, फेरा न एक भी टला।
सुख प्राप्ति हेतु प्रयत्न करते, सुख जाता दूर है
तू क्यों भयंकर भावमरण, प्रवाह में चकचूर है ॥1॥

This blessed human life has been gifted (on numerous occasions) by virtue of a great deal of auspicious karmic deeds,
And yet, not even a single loop of this cycle of rebirths has ever been averted.
Despite our best efforts in pursuit of materialistic pleasures, true happiness remains elusive like a mirage,
Then why are we constantly getting crushed in this frightful flow of spiritual dearth?

लक्ष्मी बढ़ी अधिकार भी, पर बढ़ गया क्या बोलिए?
परिवार और कुटुम्ब है क्या, वृद्धि नय पर तोलिये।
संसार का बढ़ना अरे, नर देह की यह हार है 
नहीं एक क्षण तुझको अरे, इसका विवेक विचार है ॥2॥

Have you wondered whether the rise in affluence and authority has led to any inner growth (transformation)?
Please also consider weighing the real value of expanding family and mortal relations.
Getting increasingly entangled in worldly activites is nothing but a failure of this blessed human life,
Not for a moment have we used our intellect to contemplate this fact.

निर्दोष सुख निर्दोष आनन्द, लो जहाँ भी प्राप्त हो
यह दिव्य अंत:तत्त्व जिससे, बंधनों से मुक्त हो।
परवस्तु में मूर्छित न हो, इसकी रहे मुझको दया 
वह सुख सदा ही त्याज्य है, पश्चात् जिसके दुःख भरा ॥3॥

By all possible means, seek pure happiness and bliss,
As only happiness that is pure (eternal and infinite) can liberate this divine soul from all bondages.
May we always have the mindfulness that external things, people, and situations cannot give happiness,
They only give momentary pleasure, which is best renounced, as such pleasure is bound to be followed by pain and misery.

मैं कौन हूँ? आया कहाँ से? और मेरा स्वरुप क्या?
संबंध दुःखमय कौन है, स्वीकृत करूँ परिहार क्या?
इसका विचार विवेकपूर्ण  शांत हो कर कीजिए  
तो सर्व आत्मिक ज्ञान के सिद्धांत का रस पीजिये ॥4॥

Who am I? Where have I come from? What is my true nature?
Which relations bring misery? What should I accept and what should I abstain from?
If we use our intellect to contemplate these 5 questions thoughtfully and calmly,
Then we are certain to savour the sweetest experience of self-realization!

किसका वचन उस तत्त्व की, उपलब्धि में शिवभूत है।
निर्दोष नर का वचन है, यह स्वानुभूति प्रसूत है।
तारो अरे! तारो निजात्मा! शीघ्र अनुभव कीजिये
‘सर्वात्म में समदृष्टि दो’, यह वचन हृदय लिख लीजिए ॥5॥

Whose teachings are imperative for leading us to that fundamental truth?
Only those teachings that have been delivered out of the experience of a pure Enlightened Soul.
Let us seek our innate self! Let us experience it without any further delay!
And let us engrave this prayer on our hearts – “Grant me the vision to see Oneness in the entire cosmos”.

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