How to Stay Self-Motivated?

We all have experienced the highs and lows in life towards our behaviour in whatever we do. We start so many things with great enthusiasm, but eventually we start losing interest and many of them get lost in the way. So, how can we develop our minds in a way that we are always inspired and motivated towards whatever goals we are pursuing? Won’t that be a great achievement for ourselves? This is what Self-Motivation is all about and as Sri Guru says “Self-motivation is the only sustained form of motivation” and a “quality of our brain”.

Based on chapter 25 of Dhammapada Sri Guru outlines 7 small practices to keep your mind always motivated:

1. Set small goals to feel inspired.
You need inspiration and a sense of achievement to move ahead. Setting small goals gives you that immediate confidence. Gather it for some time, and you will find yourself more confident for bigger goals too.

2. Remember your ‘why’ factor.
Purpose is the biggest driving force for anyone. If you are making a goal, keep reminding yourself why you want what you want. When nothing works, your purpose will still have light in it.

3. Get out of your comfort zone.
Either you grow, or you decline. There is nothing as stability. So, set a habit for your mind to keep on going beyond your comfort zones. Buddha knew more about the brain than anyone else. And He preached that getting out of your comfort zones rewires your brain for good.

4. Finish what you start.
Take this as a challenge. Every message you read, read it till the end. Completing what you started gives a different level of satisfaction needed by your brain to stay motivated.

5. See the passion in others.
A fire near you can keep you lit. Observe and acknowledge the passion of others – your coworkers, kids, boss, or any artist – and you will find yourself attracting that kind of fire within you. It works like a wifi transfer. Whatever you praise, you receive.

6. Pray to God for seeking that passion.
What you think out of reach – simply ask from God. Praying for something is the easiest way to receive it, says Sri Guru. But make sure, this point comes after you do first 5.

7. Never give up when you are frustrated.
Take no decisions when you are in the wrong state of mind. You are having a purpose behind your goal. The path is always a pendulum. Don’t let temporary hurdles from seeing the big picture.

Further from these, keeping your energies balanced plays a big role in keeping you always motivated. Sri Guru’s meditation techniques including Prana Kriya, SwaRaj Kriya and more are modern tools to experience this ancient wisdom.

To stay motivated, don’t rely on quick fix videos or activities. Turn inwards to your ever inspiring self. That’s the right way to live and progress.


  1. Thanks Shri Guru, for this Motivation & keeping us, connected.Thank you.

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  3. Thank you so much SRI GURU ,for how to be self motivated and connect ourselves with our HIGHER 🙏🙏

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