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A Seeker’s experience at the Himalayas with Sri Guru

Sri Guru in Himalayas

An expression from Shikha Goel, Delhi

The Ramgarh Resort in the Himalayas became a home away from home for sadhaks who were blessed by Sri Guru to come and experience the beauty, silence and joy of the experience of nothingness.

I got an opportunity to be in the aura of our living master Sri Guru from 23rd to 26th January. Sri Guru was in the Himalayas for her personal retreat but out of compassion and passion, Sri Guru allowed small groups to come and experience oneness.

Sri Guru took us through the journey of Yoga Yog: A practice by which we can bring the body and mind in a state where they become most cohesive for the experience of oneness. A moment we all long for, all our lives.

The Mind is always running in the past or future. It gets caught up in its own web of thoughts often making us feeling drained and restless. While on the other hand, the body is full of inertia (Tamas) due to our lifestyle and lack of right technique of physical body movements.
Yoga Yog covers both the elements so beautifully and takes us into the experience of Oneness without any hustle. Thank you so much Sri Guru for your passion to always come out with newer ways to help us have the experience.

This group was primarily youth, and Sri Guru gave us some key takeaways as we go back again to our lives of a student, professional, entrepreneur etc.

  1. Change the word work (kaam) to Seva. Always say I am in Seva of eating, bathing, exercising, studying, playing music, business, and teaching etc. This change of one word will transform our energy behind the task at hand. It will elevate our feelings and connect us to our higher.
  2. Environment is stronger than the will. So not all invitations need to be accepted. Make a choice, the right choice.
  3. Filter the irrelevant things, people and situations from your life.
  4. Whenever one feels caught up in too many thoughts, we could start “Jap Sadhna”. Jap Sadhna at this point helps us bring the energy in the Jap rather than wandering in the thoughts of past or future.

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  1. Prabhu ji namaskar,,how can i join this Devine institution..i ve been watching sir guru’s sermons for Last few months….kindly guide me

  2. Jai Krupadu Prabhu,
    Thank you so much for expressing your interest.
    For joining the mission, you may please attend the live satsangs in Delhi and follow the agyas given by Sri Guru in those satsangs.
    Our new series ‘Japji Sahib’ is starting from 14th Feb. You may register online on our website http://www.srmdelhi.org for attending the same.
    Sri Guru has recently blessed us with a new meditation kriya called ‘Prana Kriya’. You may subscribe for same on our website http://www.pranakriya.org.
    Further, for getting all the updates regarding upcoming events etc, please share your whatsapp number to our helpline number 7098888388.

    In Premarpanta
    SRM Seva Team

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